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Well I've found the blogger app where I can blog straight from my phone ( maybe I'm behind on this and y'all are saying "duh"). Anyway...since I can now do this while doing just about anything else (like nursing ;) I may actually get some posts written! So first things first with trying to get back into blogging...pictures. Lots of pictures. (Excuse the quality...they are from my phone.)

These days are so fun. Adeline is loving...

-sucking her thumb
-her taggie blanket
-smiling and laughing all the time
-finding her feet
-cuddles in the morning
-her puppy
-her Paci (pulling it out and putting it back in)
-her toys
-her recent beach trip

Every day is such a gift!

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  1. She's too cute, and I just can't get enough of that hair! She's grabbing (and eating) her feet already?? She's going to be sitting up soon I bet... crazy how fast they grow.

  2. I like that app but it always cuts my pictures off and when I would save a post and publish it later it would post on the day I started it. But oh my she is such a cutie!

  3. what is the name of the app? I have so many phone pics I'd love to post! :)
    She is really keeping all of that hair-and still so dark! Lovely. She is so gorgeous! Callyn's hair has thinned out some and lightened up A LOT. I didn't realize until I was looking back at newborn pics and it was almost black!

  4. Love the pics!! Her hair is unreal..you'll be giving her a haircut by time she's 6 months!! Love the thumb sucking..thats so adorable!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a sweet, precious, beautiful baby!!! :-)

  6. ahh i love the pic of her trying to eat her feet! so cute!!

  7. So sweet!! And getting so big :)

  8. she is sooo cute! Raleigh Grace enjoys a lot of the same things!! What is the app for blogging- I am behind also I guess... I know how to blog by sending and email to my blog but it never turns out how I wanted to post to look (with pictures mainly).
    PS I just love all of her dark hair! It is beautiful!


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