things i'm doing instead of blogging...

So I have been pretty MIA on the blog lately besides quick Adeline updates and Fitness Friday posts.  For some reason, as much as I adore writing and keeping up with my blog, my heart hasn't been in it lately.  I'm sure you all get it.  There are so many different seasons in life.  And right now, in this season, I'm soaking up every precious moment with my little girl.  When she does go down for a nap, there are so many other things that take priority over blogging.  So forgive me for not being around.  And for not visiting your blogs as much as I would like.  I'll get my groove back.  But for now, here are some things I'm doing instead of blogging (some are new in our lives and some are old)...

-meal planning
-falling in like with my crock pot
-pinning tons of things on Pinterest and then attempting some of them
-stuffing cloth diapers
-watching too much reality tv
-working out (going on 4 weeks now...whoo hoo!)
-oohing and ahhing over our sweet Adeline (that's my favorite)
-working on having more quiet time with God
-dreading February 13th (the day I leave my little one to go back to work)
-goal-setting and deep conversations with Justin over quite a bit
-getting back into couponing
-cleaning layers of dust and dog hair that have seemed to accumulate since Adeline was a few weeks old
-slowly organizing our unfinished basement
-planning our first date night!

Just to name a few... :)

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  1. girl, isn't the crock pot a mommy lifesaver?!!! i made four meals with it this week and wanted to kiss it. ; )

  2. Enjoy your time with your little one!

  3. That sweet daughter of yours is way more important and number one in your life. Blogging will always be here and your followers will be patient. Enjoy all the firsts with that sweet baby.

  4. I was nodding my head to 80% of these ;)
    I have been making SOOO Much stuff with my crock pot! Love it-so easy with a little one around! What is with the dust & dog hair?! Our is accumulating a rate faster than ever lately haha!

  5. I completely understand Cait! I hardly blogged at all when Emerson was first born and I was terrible about visiting other blogs. I think we all go through our times where blogging just kind of falls by the wayside. I didn't know you had to go back on the 13th. I will be praying for you and sending hugs your way.


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