Fitness Friday {week 4}

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How in the world is another week already behind us?! I had another great week of being active. I can tell my body is getting into better shape which really excites me.  I'm also excited to continue to follow along with you all and encourage so many of you on MFP, as well as get such encouragement myself! My mom and Justin have even decided to start using the app!

How did Week 4 go?

My goal this week was to not eat french fries.  Well I messed up the very first day of this week and ate fries.  I was putting one of the last ones in my mouth and said "oh no".  Of course, Justin was confused because I forgot to tell him my goal for the week at that point.  I finished the order and moved on. :) I am happy to report I didn't have any more this week.  I plan on continuing to limit my french fry intake.  They are my favorite and will only be consumed as a treat...not as a run-of-the-mill side!

Was I active?

I am so excited to report that I was active 6 out of the 7 days this week for 30 minutes a day for five of those and more on the other two!

Friday-Postnatal Bootcamp (two intervals--cardio + toning)
Saturday-Rest day
Sunday-Postnatal Bootcamp (two intervals--cardio + toning)
Monday-Postnatal Bootcamps (two intervals--just cardio); 90 minutes of cleaning
Tuesday-Postnatal Bootcamp (two intervals--cardio + toning)
Wednesday-Postnatal Bootcamp (two intervals--just cardio)
Thursday-Tami's home bootcamp; 30 minutes of walking with Adeline in the moby (she adds about 12 lbs. of resistence!)

I am so excited that working out is becoming a habit and something I look forward to! (Not the actual working out...but the feeling I get from it and the benefits I'm noticing with my body!) I also was successful in using working out as a mood-lifter and anger/anxiety eliminator this weekend.  What a freeing feeling to know that something so healthy for my body is also helping my mind and emotions become more healthy as well.  Another great thing to report is that I have upped my weights in my toning!

Weight Loss?

I did lose weight this week even though I went over my calories two days! I am now at 126.8 (down 2.2 lbs. from my starting weight)!


They stayed the same this week.

Waist: 31" (down 1" from starting measurement)
Thigh: 22" (down .5" from starting measurement)

Week 4 Goal?

Drink only water throughout the day after breakfast.  I'm looking forward to working hard on this goal...although I will miss the occasional Diet Coke for sure!

(See my list of weekly goals here.)

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  1. Great job on the weight loss this week! I've noticed that sometimes when I go over my calories a little bit I lose more weight. Maybe it's our bodies way of telling us that it needs those extra calories. You totally worked the workouts this week! Way to go girl! Good luck with your goal this week. I've been limiting myself to one Diet Coke a week. It's hard but I definitely feel better!

  2. Awesome job! SO I am wondering when in your day do you work out? that has been my hardest thing is finding a good time. I feel like I don't ever have enough time to get in a work out and shower before I need to feed Callyn and I hate nursing her after I get sweaty! But if I leave it til after bedtime a lot of times I just don't feel like it.

  3. Haham ironically enough I messed up on the first day, too! Oh well :) You're doing SO great and I think this week's goal will be easier than you think!

  4. Fries are my weakness too. Why do they have to be so good!?! You are doing great though!!

  5. That is great on the weight loss. Lucky you! Keep it up Girl :o)

  6. So my My Fitness Pal name was wrong on my blog, I changed it but here it is for you @mcsmith817

  7. i love your goals! they are something thats actually atainable :) and i like that! great work for keeping up the work outs! :)

  8. I had fries tonight....yum.

    Awesome work Cait!!

  9. Great job this week!!! Keep up the great work!

  10. You are doing soo well with working out! Congrats on the weight loss whohoo!


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