blessings in words (link-up)

I'm hosting with Natalie, Beth Ann, and Jordan to share the blessings
God has placed in our paths during the week.

We would love to have you join us! Make sure to grab the box and link-up with us today!

Words are powerful to me.  I have always enjoyed quotes and lyrics of songs.  I eat them up.  Back in High School and College, I used to fill journals and pieces of scrap note paper with quotes and lyrics I loved.

So one of my favorite parts of Pinterest is "hoarding" these powerful words and quotes I find. Add the fact that they are always so pretty and creatively displayed...and I'm in heaven! The words are true blessings to me when they speak to me the way the ones below do.  Here are a few of them that have blessed my heart here lately...

What blessings has God placed in your path this past week?

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