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As you are probably getting used to seeing on Tuesdays now, I'm hosting with Natalie, Beth Ann, and Jordan to share the blessings God has placed in our paths during the week.

I have joined a local MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group this year for the first time and oh how I'm enjoying it! There is just so much to be said about surrounding yourself with Mommies that can say "amen" and "oh my heavens, yes!" to so many things you face on a daily basis.  But in the end...remind you (as you remind them) to point straight back to Jesus.  That has been a HUGE blessing in and of itself.  But our theme this year is "A Beautiful Mess".  A constant, precious reminder that our lives are messy, but by golly, our lives are BLESSED.

My current messy blessings are...

-eating breakfast on the couch with Adeline most mornings of the week because I have been gifted with spending my days with her
-my sweet girl loves to paint and make a huge mess which means she's creative and artistic
-that I have piles of laundry because it means my home is full and alive
-that there are perpetual leaves in our foyer because it means we have a precious home with a beautiful surrounding
-my (very) full calendar because it means our lives are rich with church, family and community events
-my relationship with my husband because it means that we love like crazy and pour grace into our days together
-my kitchen sink because it means that we have food to eat and time together to eat meals
-Adeline's room that has toys all over the floor, at times dirty diapers thrown to the side, and clothes scattered throughout, because it means we have the blessing of wonderful little girl in our life
-my dog-hair covered floor because it means our sweet "pup", Boone, that was our first "baby" and is now Adeline's best friend is still alive and going strong
-the rug in our living room that is filled with spots as if it's a pattern in and of itself, because that means we have a warm place to put our feet and a cozy living room to snuggle as a family
-our basement because it means we have more than enough when others don't have all they need
-our tattered hallway carpet that is long in need of being replaced because it's a reminder that God has taught us to be wise and patient with our money
-our ongoing backyard projects because it's a reminder that my husband does such a wonderful job of dreaming and implementing creative/useful outdoor spaces
-my heart because God's still at work in me and has great plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11)

Need to turn a negative mood around or just remember how blessed you are amidst the "mess" of your own life? Let me encourage you to write your own messy blessings list.  Your heart will be instantly transformed in that moment.

What blessings has God placed in your path this past week? We would love to have you join us!
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  1. ahh I love this because I can SO realte to a lot of these 'messy blessings' :) Definitely a good way to look at the bright side of things (like needing to trash those dirty diapers, or whatever)! Great outlook, lady!

  2. I love this! I had thought about doing a similar post but then didn't...might next time! :)


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