forever my heart will sing

I'm hosting with Natalie, Beth Ann, and Jordan to share the blessings
God has placed in our paths during the week.

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Today I'm showcasing five blessings on my heart.  Five of SO many.  God's love amazes me.  The fact that He paid it ALL on the cross but yet His love doesn't stop there. That he blesses me daily with things that leave me speechless.

The way He pursues me and loves on me even though I'm so undeserving baffles my mind.  T love the words of Phil Whickham's worship song "Cannons"...

We're singing you are
Holy, Great and Mighty
The moon and the stars
Declare who you are
And I'm so unworthy
But still You love me
Forever my heart will sing
Of how great you are


Gator ride with Nanna on the farm!
 my momma. for the mom she is to me and the grandma she is to adeline.  words can't fully explain the blessing she is.


this girl.  her joy for life. the joy she shares with others. she's just precious inside and out and I get to be her momma!


 my mornings almost always look like this.  including a warm cup of coffee and my bible app.  y'all have no idea how much joy it brings me to know that God has gifted me with this. there were so many painful, tear-filled moments when I didn't think I would ever be able to be without a full-time outside-the-home job.  crazy blessed.


 my dad.  he's just as much of a blessing in our lives as my sweet momma. such a man of determination and love.  truly a blessing.


this man.  the Christ follower he is.  the husband he is.  the daddy he is.  so full of love. so full of understanding. and so ready to hand out grace.

I have been redeemed by an amazing God.  A God that has blessed me like crazy for His glory.  A God that I pray my heart will forever shine of His love.

What blessings has God placed in your path this past week?

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  1. I love how God's blessings are found in every detail of our lives!

  2. I love Cannons, too :) You guys are definitely blessed with such an amazing family! So awesome Adeline gets to grow up so close to her gparents, too :)


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