As you are probably getting used to seeing on Tuesdays now, I'm hosting with Natalie, Beth Ann, and Jordan to share the blessings God has placed in our paths during the week.

{Blessing One}

Moments like these...

{Blessing Two}

My Momma.  I'm so blessed to have my Momma as a best friend and in our lives the way she is.  Her and and my dad are such a blessing to us in so many ways.

{Blessing Three}

It's fall y'all!

{Blessing Four}

Our Family Friday Nights we have started! We had our second this past Friday and it has quickly caught on to be a tradition.  We have a fun, yummy picnic in the living room while we watch a Disney Movie together! Two weeks ago was Peter Pan and last Friday was Tangled.  Adeline has a ball with this time together.  It blesses us tremendously!

{Blessing Five}

That these two have each other.  They are brother and sister...forget the difference in number of legs and body covering...they are siblings.  They love on each other.  They play.  The fight for window space.  They make our house a home.  And they are best friends.

What blessings has God placed in your path this past week? We would love to have you join us!
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  1. I am TOTALLY stealing your picnic movie night idea. G and J love Disney movies and they both LOVE to have the TV on while we eat. I do not so it will be a treat for them!

  2. Such a sweet post! Love the picnic idea. :)


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