miscellany monday and an anniversary

This Monday is extra special to me because we are celebrating our second wedding anniversary! I'm blessed to be married to an amazing man of God that serves others willingly and invests in others without any reservation.  He's my best friend and simply a wonderful person.  So this miscellany monday post is dedicated
to my love.  

One-You love me for who I am.  You claim you wouldn't love me if I wasn't my goofy, sometimes negative, sometimes a little ditsy, self.  I love you for you too.  You're charming, always positive and never putting up a fight self.  

Two-About that fighting stuff.  You don't get too worked up.  Ever.  I can be steaming at the ears and stomping around the house, and you still take a deep breath, let it pass, and hug me until I have to give in.  I love you for that.

Three- I roll my eyes when I hear another "zoom" or ruffling of an exhaust or motor coming from your computer, but really I love that you're so knowledgeable about cars.  Its' your thing, and I appreciate that.  I look forward to the day you teach our son all about cars and get him into projects with you and the day you teach our daughter how to change her own oil and check her tire pressure.  Your knowledge is manly and I love that you're a manly man.  

Four-Your love for God and ability to take the time to truly hear what He is speaking to you inspires me.  You are always willing to give your time to mission trips, working with the kiddos at church, and investing in lives.  You always let your kindness and joy for life shine.  What a blessing God created when He created you.

Five-You're an amazing puppy-dad.  You play with Boone, throw the ball in the lake for him at least a thousand times when we go, you find the perfect sticks for him, and you let him cuddle up with you on the couch.  This can only mean you'll be an even better human-dad.  In God's time, I can't wait to have kiddos with you.  (I hope they get your great personality and are as chubby as our chubby baby pictures combined.)

I could go on and on.

I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with a second year of marriage that has nourished our love even more.  As you always say, keep God at the center and we'll only grow closer together.  That's my prayer for this next year together.  Whatever falls into our path, may we continue to look at our amazing God and grow deeper and more passionately in love with Him and each other.  I love you babe....happy 2nd anniversary!

(leaving our reception)

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  1. Congratulations on your second anniversary! That is very exciting. :)

  2. So beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to your husband!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! What a beautiful post. Blessings to you and yours! Visiting from Misc. Mon.

  4. That's just absolutely beautiful!

    Happy anniversary!

  5. I am melting now. This was so beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Super romantic! Happy anniversary!!!



  7. Happy happy Anniversary!!! So sweet! I love the love that you all share, and how fiercely you insist for God to be at the center. I know he is using you two for his glory, and I'm excited to see what else is in store for your lives. Thank you for sharing your story - have a fun day celebrating!

  8. That is such a sweet post Cait!! Happy anniversary to the two of you..you guys make a great couple! My hubby is like that too..doesn't anger easily..which I love!! :-)

  9. happy anniversary!
    You guys are too sweet! I love this post : )

  10. Love #2! How do they do that? I will never understand! Hope you have a great day.

  11. what a precious picture! happy anniversary to a beautiful coupe! what a sweet tribute!


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