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Not sure if you've noticed but I have been MIA in blog world lately.  Two weeks ago today, we left for Justin's best friend's wedding in Texas with my in-laws.  We left Texas on that Sunday, dropped Justin off at our church youth mission trip in Alabama and spent the night there, and then came home Monday.  I stayed home last Monday through Wednesday to finish up my night class and then left Thursday morning to return to the mission trip.  We finally got home this past Saturday evening.  With piles of laundry, finalizing grades, cleaning a dirty house, enjoying the 4th of July weekend with family and friends, and getting settled back at home, things have been a bit crazy and I have neglected this lovely little blog.  After two days of laundry, cleaning, and finally getting necessities back in our house such as food to eat, I have found a moment to sit down.  (Don't let that blank week I posted about yesterday deceive you....this gal has been busy.)  But I've loved every minute! Let me share some photos of our week and a half adventure.

We road-tripped our way through Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and finally made it to Texas after a night's stay in a little town in Arkansas!

We stopped in Jackson, Tennessee for dinner the first night at Casey Jones' Old County Store.  Pretty sure this wasn't a healthy meal (at all), but it was good southern home cooking!

We stayed in Frisco, Texas the first night in Texas.  Justin was the best man and planned a great bachelor's party including a Rangers game with all-you-can-eat seats.  The boys enjoyed themselves and I had fun with my in-laws and Corey's (the groom) mom, dad, and sister.  We ate at an amazing restaurant (Babe's) that served everything family style.  And then my in-laws were kind enough to take me to my first Ikea.  Oh my.  They really are as amazing as everyone says! I found a lazy susan for our kitchen table and an awesome scarf organizer for my closet.  I'll definitely be returning to one that we have closer to home very soon.
The next day we made our way to Paris.....Texas for the wedding festivities.

We even saw the eiffel tower!

Justin and I standing in front of this fun landmark.  (Voted one of the tackiest in Texas.)

The cowboy hat was added on to put this eiffel tower in the books as the second (or third...I got a couple different stories) largest eiffel tower in the world.  Haha.  We definitely got a kick out of this.

Justin decided he was cowboy while we were down there.


The wedding was gorgeous.  Bride, decor, and all.

Amy and Corey...

Us with the newlyweds...

Pretty table centerpieces...

And we loved the candy bar!

It was a great trip!

When I made my way back to Alabama later the next week...Hartselle to be exact....(a small dot on the map...but tons of charm) Justin and I got gifted two nights in a little cabin on the grounds where we were working and staying. (You can see a glimpse of it to the left of the tabernacle.)  What a treat (instead of sleeping in the bunks).

This outdoor tabernacle is where the hymn, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, was written.  It was such a peaceful, serene place to do a quiet devotional each morning.

It was a wonderful few days of fellowship, worship, and hard work.

I so love my church family...mission trip is always a highlight of our summer!

We loved our time away...but we're also happy to be back home.  Hope your summer is lovely so far!

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  1. Missed you Cait! Sounds like you had a great (but full) week! Aren't weddings so fun!? I just never get tired of going to them.- Oh, and yes, a blank week stretching out in front of me is like a river of gold that I can't wait to jump into! Hope you enjoy it (even if it IS full of necessaries) :-)

  2. looks like you guys had a blast! I loved seeing that Eiffel tower! I never knew that was there!! And the wedding was gorgeous! Glad you had fun, and glad to have you back!

  3. sounds like a great trip : ) I went to college w/ someone from Paris TX--too funny! They also have a Rhome TX and a Pittsburgh...kinda silly : )
    I love your pink dress!

  4. the cowboy hat is too cute! ; ) the wedding looked gorgeous! so glad you had a wonderful mission trip and what a sweet lil' upgrade you got!

  5. Wow what a fun trip you had!! Love the pictures (I love running across Old Country Stores..they are the best arent they?) and the wedding looks amazing! Glad you made it back safely and had a good time!!

  6. So glad you had fun! Glad you got to go to Ikea and Babes! Two great places.

  7. I may need a nap just reading this! Glad you had fun!


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