what I'm loving...

Is a blank [work] week in my planner.  Sigh. 

That is enough to overjoy me.  This never happens.  Never.  Usually, I'm having to cram in everything that I need to do/remember in order to fit it in the box.  This is lovely.  I will thank God for this time now...because the reality is that summer break is nearing the down slope and those blank weeks will be absent from my planner in the near future.

Does this sorta thing make anyone else happy?

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  1. YES! I completely love days and weeks that are empty! I am so sad summer's halfway over : (

  2. I'm so incredibly jealous. I can't remember the last time my planner looked that free, except when I've just bought it.
    [all my busy-ness is a blessing, but your rest sounds amazing!]

  3. that is awesome! A free week is a blessing in itself. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. I especially liked the "yard sale" you have penned in your planner! Nothing says fun better than a good day of yard saleing!


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