Fitness Friday {week 16}

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How did Week 16 go?

How are we here again already?! We only have three more weeks of this challenge!! Crazy!

I did my jumping jacks just a couple days out of the week.  (Some is better than none, right?) We also took a couple family walks this week, which feels awesome to do.  I also feel like I ate pretty healthy, minus a few splurges due to teacher appreciation week! I am still holding strong at almost completely having soft drinks out of my diet! I only consume them once or twice a week now.  HUGE accomplishment! Now that I don't drink them often, I can even feel a difference when I do consume them...and it's a gross feeling that includes a headache.

Was I active?

It was great to be active again this week. I get out for summer break on May 18th and can't wait to start a fitness routine again with the time and energy I will have! I also did some research this past weekend to determine how many calories I am burning while pushing Adeline in the stroller on walks.  I was shocked by how little calories it burns...but every little bit counts! If you are interested in determining how many calories you burn based on your weight when doing an activity here is the math:

1) Determine your weight in kg (1 kg=2.2 lbs.)
2) Determine the MET of the activity (you can google this)
-For example: the MET of pushing a stroller is 2.5
3) Go back in your mind to high school math, plug the numbers into the formula below, and do the math!

calories burned= duration in minutes x [(MET x 3.5 x weight in kg) / 200]

Weight Loss?

Yes...down 0.6 more! (down 14.8 lbs. from starting weight) I am now just 4.2 pounds away from my goal weight! (This was close this week...I feel like I've maybe hit a weight loss plateau.)  It's been a battle here lately due to many reasons.  My supply has been up and down while nursing...which has cause me to change my calorie intake up and down.  Some days I feel like I'm consuming more than enough and my supply is great, so I lower my calories.  Then I will lower my calories and it seems like it was the wrong choice either weight-loss wise or supply wise.  There are also some days that Adeline is nursing less time at a feeding which I think changes things up a bit too.  So many factors!!


Still steady at these numbers.  I think it's going to take getting more active again to make a change here.

Waist: 28" (down 4" from starting measurement)
Thigh: 20.25" (down 2.5" from starting measurement)

Week 17 Goal?

Eat 3-5 servings of baked, steamed, or raw veggies.

(See my list of weekly goals here.)

Now grab the button and link-up your Fitness Friday posts to share about your fitness journey! If you don't have time to write a post and link-up, comment below with your success this week!

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