Vacation Week 5- Magic Kingdom {day 2}

We spent our third day at Magic Kingdom again.  We love Magic Kingdom and you could spend day and not do everything.  We opted out of park hopper tickets this trip and bought an extra base ticket, which ended up being cheaper to do for 4 days instead of park hoppers for 3 days.

Justin's parents got him a back lot tour ticket for the steam engine system at Disney World.  His dad left really early that morning and went to Magic Kingdom to take the tour.  My mother-in-law, Adeline and I stayed back, got ready, explored around the hotel and headed to Magic Kingdom to meet them once it opened for normal business hours.

hanging out with "Lady" at our resort

beautiful view of Magic Kingdom's Main Street USA that Justin took while at the park for the tour pre-hours

sleepy girl with her Gee on the bus on the way to the park

meeting up with Daddy and PaPaw in Magic Kingdom
My mother-in-law encouraged us to try out the brand new Beast's castle for lunch.  The line had been super long, but we decided to brave it, and OH MY am I SO glad we did! The lunch was a regular counter service meal, but it was such a cool experience to dine in the brand new castle that was an exact replica of the castle from Beauty in the Beast (one of my all time faves!) AMAZING.

We spent the afternoon enjoying all our favorite rides.  Adeline's favorite, by far, was the merry-go-round! She begged for "moh" every time we got off! :)

A Disney hat and water bottle were a must all day! ;)

We stopped to enjoy one of our "snacks" and get a Dole Pineapple Whip float.  Yum!

After more rides and enjoying the afternoon, we headed by monorail over to the Polynesian Resort to eat dinner at our fave...'Ohana! This is a Polynesian four course, all-you-can-eat FEAST with some entertainment.  It is A-MAZING!!

After dinner, we explored the resort for a while.  (That's always fun to do!) We then took a boat ride back to Magic Kingdom to catch our bus to head back to our resort.  I love how you can utilize so many modes of transportation at Disney!

Coming tomorrow...Animal Kingdom!

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