Vacation Week Day 2- Downtown Disney

We got checked in and drove over to Downtown Disney where we ate at our favorite restaurant first because we were starving.

TIP:  Our fave Downtown Disney dining if you're looking for quick and easy is Wolfgang Puck Express.  The line is usually out the door, but it still is the quickest dining experience usually.

TIP:  If you are on the dining plan, you can use your plan at many of the restaurants there in Downtown Disney.  If you aren't on the meal plan, your meal will be similar to what you're used to paying going out to eat as  family- not a big difference as some would think.

Downtown Disney is a large attraction with lots of shopping, eating and entertainment going on everywhere! It is centered around a large lake.  If you are staying in the parks, you can use Disney buses or boats to get to the area.

We shopped (Adeline LOVED her first glances at all the magic).  Her favorites were the toy store with all the stuffed animals and trains above her head.  We let her get out and roam in the store and she was so great just taking everything in.  Her magical experience definitely started right away.

We recommend Downtown Disney for a portion of your trip to Disney if you have a free evening or a "down day" where you aren't visiting the parks.

Since we had had a long day of traveling and had tons of fun ahead of us, we didn't spend long at Downtown Disney.  After Adeline got her taste of the magic and we had our bellies full, we went on back to the hotel to rest up for our first day in the parks the next day!

Coming tomorrow...Magic Kingdom (day 1)!

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