Vacation Week Day 7- the Beach!

We spent the other half of our trip at my in-law's beach house.  This was Adeline's third beach trip in a little over a year. Ha! Raising a beach girl, for sure! She did great when she was 2 months, loved crawling around at 8 months and then running around at 14 months!

My beach tips with a toddler:

(Disclaimer:  I have a very go-with-the-flow child that has never had a sensory issue...the beach/water has always been "easy" for us with her.  She comes by it honest. ;)

-pouches to eat!
-take A LOT less than you think...the sand and water are plenty to keep them happy
-don't be scared of the sand...God made it...like dirt...it won't hurt ;)
-baby powder on legs and arms before getting in the sand helps it roll right off
-a beach tent is fabulous for a shaded area to play
-if possible, at this stage, ditch the stroller and just carry them out to your spot
-rashguards are so helpful to block the rays
-time it early morning/lunch time so that they knock out after for nap time ;)
-wash them off with water and change them into a regular dipe before heading to the car (if your place isn't right on the beach)
-hats and sunscreen (apply the sunscreen before you get to the sand)
-water bottle
-let them run, explore, and be free (it's one of few places they can run like crazy)

Adeline loved the lanai at my in-law's! She spent a lot of time hanging out out there! :)

Justin and I actually got the gift of a date afternoon while at the beach...Justin's parents babysat for us! We hit up a little market and then had dinner at a movie theater while seeing Silver Lining Playbook.

We spent some time at parks and the neighborhood playground, including one where you can ride a mini train around the park!

We ate out and shopped...b/c what's a vacay without that?

doll baby
Momma finally got some raw oysters!
The rest of our time was spent on the beach and at the pool.  Pretty tough time! ;)

Family time is the absolute best time!!

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