Vacation Week Day 6- Animal Kingdom

 We spent our final day at Animal Kingdom before heading to the beach house for the rest of our trip.  We decided to not visit Hollywood Studios this trip and instead do Animal Kingdom because of Adeline's LOVE for animals.  I think we made the perfect choice! We packed up all our luggage in the car so that it was ready when we got back in the evening and then headed out to the park for one final day!

in front of the "Tree of Life"
TIP:  Hand your camera to the Disney photographer and they will be more than happy to take a picture with your own device when they take a professional photo!

We started the day by heading to the safari ride because it gets the most crowded at Magic Kingdom.  (A little tip I learned from my in-laws.)  I couldn't wait to take Adeline on the safari ride since she loves animals so much! And her expressions, enthusiasm and excitement were even more than I thought she would show!

blowing kisses to the giraffes :)

Next, we headed over to Rafiki's Village which is just okay.  Not my favorite part, but it has a fun petting zoo which Adeline LOVED and you ride a fun little truck ride over to the area.

We ate lunch at a diner we like where you can get cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets and fries...simple but yummy! It was our last meal at Disney this trip...bittersweet! ;)

TIP:  I used a reusable placemat for Adeline that I love. However, for Disney, I splurged and bought a couple packages of the fun princess themed disposable mats that could be tossed after each meal.

Adeline took another on-the-go nap in her stroller after lunch while Justin and I ventured out and enjoyed Everest (the big thrill roller coaster that Disney has- there aren't many "thrill" rides at Disney...but they are all great even though they aren't thrill rides).

I could eat her and her little cuteness up!
When Justin and I went before Adeline a couple years back, we loved the Lion King show! We just couldn't wait to bring Adeline and knew she would love it...she's crazy about dancing, music and animals...and there is a ton of that! She soaked every bit of it up...clapping, dancing, laughing.  So. Much. Fun!

We saved our last snack for a Mickey Ice Cream for Adeline to enjoy, so we stopped for a little treat after the show.

We had a little impromptu photo shoot after our snack! ;)

We hit another ride and then headed to the Finding Nemo show to wrap up our Disney trip! So much fun and so magical...ready to go back already!

TIP:  The shows are at designated times during they day.  You can get the times when you go into the park for the day.  The Finding Nemo show had a last showing when the park closed, so we waited for that show so that we could maximize our time in the park.

 Coming tomorrow...the beach!

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  1. such a fun trip! G doesn't nap on the go so we might just have to not do naps if we were ever to go.

  2. So fun! We are taking our daughter in July! Your pictures make me so much more excited!!! :)

  3. This looks so fun!!! And ignore my email... silly me. I even read the first post in this series. Hmm... prego brain here!


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