Vacation Week Day 3- Magic Kingdom {day 1}

The next morning, we got Adeline all dressed up in her smocked Minnie Mouse outfit and enjoyed the complimentary breakfast at our hotel.  We drove on over to our Disney resort (Pop Century- it's one of the value (cheapest) resorts but is very new, clean and super nice!) and got checked in.

TIP:  You can check in early and they will text or call you when your room is ready.  You will be given your room key which will have your dining plan accessiblity and your park tickets already loaded.  You can come back and get unloaded at any time.  Your room key is your ticket to everything you have planned for your trip.

TIP:  When you plan your trip, let your travel agent or Disney itself if you aren't using a travel agent, know if your visit is a first or you are celebrating something special. When we checked in, Adeline received a "My First Visit" button that we put on her stroller the whole trip. She loved it and people will often congratulate you or whatever it may be.

cheesing with her big "First Visit" button she got at check-in
We planned our first day to be at the Magic Kingdom because we always like to go there twice (there's just too much to enjoy if you don't) plus we knew that was the park that would have the most for Adeline.  But who am I kidding? It's my most favorite too! :)

family ride on Dumbo!
Our first day was just us three and Justin's parents planned to meet up with us that evening in Disney for dinner and the rest of the trip.  We spent the day riding all the favorites, including Dumbo, the Magic Carpet ride, and many others.  There honestly are very few rides that Adeline couldn't do in Magic Kingdom.  She even enjoyed the rides we thought may scare her a bit in the dark, such as Pirates of the Caribbean.  

It's A Small World was a hit

Justin was super excited to get an extra Fast Pass when he printed our fast passes for Winnie the Pooh

 TIP:  You can print one fast pass each hour.  Only certain rides have fast passes (usually the rides that have the longest waits).  You go to that ride (or near that ride) and input your room key/park ticket card into the machine and it will print out your fast pass.  Riders young like Adeline don't need one.  The fast pass will tell you what timeframe to be back at the ride.  You get an expedited pass into the front of the line when you return at your correct time.  Once you've used that fast pass during the designated time, you can get another one printed.  So an extra printed pass or a fast pass give to you by someone not needing theirs is always a special treat! :)

water bottle and snacks are a must! you can bring in all that with you :)
 TIP:  There is stroller parking near every ride.  There are always Disney attendants that watch the area.  I feel completely safe leaving most items we had with us attached to the parked stroller when we went to ride something.  We just took our money and room keys that Justin kept in his wallet, our phones (which where our cameras for the trip), and a paci for Adeline in case she got scared.

sleepy girl in front of the castle

our Disney napping style is "on the go" ;)

Baby's first set of ears!

 TIP:  You can buy ears ALL over the park but only select places (I think there is more than one?) will embroider them.  We had Adeline's embroidered at a place in the front of the Magic Kingdom.  They are super reasonable and have TONS to choose from.  Since it was her first visit, they embroidered hers for free!! So nice!

one of those pictures I will forever treasure
TIP: Two words...MEAL PLAN. We have done the meal plan the last two trips and it has been simply amazing. Often, they offer a free dining option if you book so many nights and purchase so many tickets. You have to sign up for emails on Disney's website to get this information. We have received it both times we booked a Fall trip. Since our trip got cancelled this time, our free dining carried over to our rescheduled trip! Meal plan includes...a counter service meal (you order your meal at a counter...but it's not always just like fast food type food....it can also be more upscale items), a sit-down meal (think...reservations required....and you should make reservations...you can up to 6 months in advance on their website), a snack a day, and a drink mug that you can refill as much as you would like at your resort. Each person in your party gets that. It's MORE than enough food. We often would split a snack item for breakfast and then split a snack in the afternoon. Your meals and snacks roll over throughout your trip.
dessert even comes with lunch on the meal plan! ;) the chocolate was a hit with Miss A
We had a blast seeing Adeline's reactions to all the rides! We rode the monorail over to The Contemporary and met Justin's parents at Chef Mickey's. We chose it as our first dinner because it's a fun character dining restaurant with an all you can eat buffet.  This is where we met up with Justin's parents for the rest of the trip!

pre-dinner shopping

took her a while to get warmed up to the characters ;)

used a Pinterest idea and took a picture matte and sharpies for the characters to sign!

this was a classic reaction to the characters....like "Who are you?!"

the desserts were a constant fave ;) these little mickey mousse/Oreo desserts were a hit
Because it was our first "magical" day we had a hard time letting go and went back to the Magic Kingdom for round two after dinner to see the fireworks show (that they have nightly!).

The People Mover ride is always a good "chill out for a second" ride

Once you've visited Disney World, you'll realize it's not cliche at all to say that your day truly was "magical"....and that's exactly the kind of first day we had in the parks with Adeline...magical!

Tomorrow's post...Epcot!

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  1. It all looks so fun!! I can't wait to take Liam and Liesl someday! I've never been either, so I totally want to go for myself too :)

  2. I've never been but I know G would love it even though it isn't "my thing". Planning a trip there stresses me out!

  3. Gosh it looks amazing!! I havent been there since I was in 2nd grade..seriously need to go in the next couple years before Makayla starts school! Love the pics and LOVE the tips!


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