Vacation Week Day 4- Epcot

We spent our second full day in Disney at Epcot! We started early when the park opened to get our full day of magic in! :) We decided on Epcot this day because we had base tickets (it was cheaper to get 4 day base tickets than 3 day park hoppers).  So we planned this day as our Epcot today because we got reservations at a restaurant we wanted to go to that was in Epcot on that evening.

I love Epcot because of the fun rides that are inspired by different countries but also the World Showcase where you travel from country to country by feet.  Each country is represented authentically by the buildings that are built to look as though you are in the country.  Authentic restaurants and shops with that country's goods are also in each country.  The employees are even individuals from those countries.  It's such a neat ethnic adventure!

One of Adeline's favorite rides was the Finding Nemo ride from the animetronomic  seagulls screeching "mine, mine" at the entrance of the ride, the ride itself where you follow Nemo and the end of the ride that puts you into a huge aquarium where you can see all types of sea creatures as well as sharks and dolphins!

We enjoyed one of our free counter service meals at our favorite spot for the staple cheeseburger/fries/chicken at Disney.  The name of it has escaped me but it's the first restaurant like this you will come to on your left when you come in.  There is a HUGE fountain outside from it!

TIP: Find the eating spots where they off free refills...most counter service restaurants do...but not all.  This lunch spot does and then you can take a drink to go (less money spent ;).  We kept a water bottle that Adeline's aunt had made for her for her and just filled it with water for her each time we stopped for food.  We shared with her on these lunch stops (there is PLENTY) and also gave her some snacks that we had carried in with us for the day.

We spent the afternoon exploring the World Showcase! This is my favorite part of Epcot and gives me the fever to travel abroad!


Italy! Representin' our genes ;)

Italy architecture...I HAVE to go there one day! bucket.list.

It's not every day you get to take a nap in Morocco! ;)
 TIP:  There are some FABULOUS dining options in the World Showcase.  When Justin and I went a couple years ago pre-Adeline, we ate dinner in Italy one night and in Morocco one night.  It's such a fun way to explore different authentic cuisines! There are even little snack places like the French market cafe where you can get french pastries (if you're on the dining plan, they count as one of your snacks!! bonus!).

Adeline continued to snooze, so Justin and I headed to the Michael Jackson 4D movie experience that they have brought back recently...Captain E.O.  Hoaky but still fun. ;)

Sweet girl woke up from her nap while hanging out with Papaw and Gee while we were at the short film, so she had some fun too! ;)

Adeline met her first Disney princess up close and personal...Jasmine...one of her Mommy's favorites!

The shooting fountain where the water "dances" was a big hit!
We had dinner at The Land in Epcot.  Epcot has an area where they grow their own vegetables and harvest many other plants.  This is a super cool area where you can see advanced agricultural and gardening techniques.  Needless to say, it's one of Justin's favorite areas!  There is a "Living with the Land" ride where you ride through (on boat) and see the area in action and ride through the fish farm and other farm area.  From this area, there is The Land restaurant where they serve many of the foods grown there at Disney.  It rotates and you travel through parts of the ride as you eat... and it's a character dining meal!  You get to see farmer Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Chip and Dale.  We had a blast!

with Daddy in front of his favorite ride, "Living with the Land"

TIP:  The Land is a great family-style, all you can eat dinner.  Even though Adeline didn't have a meal plan because of her age, they brought her her own amazing dinner with turkey, mac and cheese, broccoli and sweet potato fries...for FREE.

We spent the rest of the evening after dinner hanging out and waiting for the fireworks/light show over the water at Epcot.  It's cool and all but nothing like the one at the Magic Kingdom, so we headed on back since someone was getting pretty sleepy! ;)

waiting for the bus back to the hotel with Mommy
bus ride!

looking back at the gift shop in our hotel

a view into the dining/food court area in our hotel
After we got Adeline to bed, my MIL stayed in the room and we headed down to grab a refill in our mugs and shop the gift shop a little bit.  We made a nightly trip back up to this area! :)

TIP:  If you go with family, ask for joined rooms (they have a door that can be kept open).  That way during the day/evening, you have two rooms to hang out in and can close it for sleeping.  Very handy! Also, even in the value resort rooms that are super nice and new feeling, there is a curtain that closes off the vanity area by the bathroom...perfect spot for pack-n-plays!

Coming tomorrow...Magic Kingdom (day 2)

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  1. You're making me want to go to Disney! ;) I love how happy and in her element Adeline looks in all of these pics. She just looks like she is truly having a blast!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I can't wait for our trip some day ;)
    Tony looked at this over my shoulder and said 'what up cutie? Wait, is that Callyn?' haahha. His explanation was he just saw a big bow and a cute baby ;)


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