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So I'm in my second full week back to school.  And this is my 4th year teaching.  However, I've got one of those classes that make me feel like a first-year teacher again.  They are causing me to pull out all the tricks I have up my sleeve, plus run to other rooms and beg for guidance at any chance I can get.

My dear blog friend, Leigh Anne, just started her first year in her own classroom (head on over and give her some love!) and her posts have made me start thinking about the delirious comedy that comes from the beginning of the school year for teachers.

So if y'all don't mind I just need to do a vent/brain dump of the thoughts and things going on right now as a 3rd trimester pregnant, 4th year, teacher:

-My only adult interaction during the day is a quick "hello" to a passing coworker as I speed walk down the hall to yet another bathroom run or to make a quick copy because for some reason I am one short. (Oh, wait, one of the kiddos just didn't realize he had an extra copy.  I find this out when I return from my hallway sprint.)

-I check the clock 5 gozillion times as I scarf down my lunch that was thrown together in exhaustion the night before just to make sure I'm on time to pick up my kiddos.  (Enter 3rd trimester indigestion.)  Make that maybe a 20 minute lunch at most after I've dropped them off (most days someone needs my attention for something before I leave them) and pick them up on time.

-Hubby actually offers to do laundry right now.  I guess after waiting a week or so he needs some clean work clothes.

-I often use the massage feature on our shower-head to relieve the tension built up in my neck.

-I come home with a headache.  Whether it be a tension headache or a hungry headache because I've forgotten to stop and eat a snack due to my busyness.

-I'm using the baby as an excuse.  "It's really not good for the baby if Mrs. G has to put your chair up at the end of the day so please make sure to remember that part of our afternoon routine."  (And they buy it! :)

-Referring to the last one...I'm constantly referring to myself in third person.  Why do we do that as teachers?!

-I've heard Jack Johnson and Enchanted songs hundreds of times already (they are used for each of our transitions in the classroom)....Adeline is going to love those songs because she hears them so much.

-Every day on the playground another little one notices I'm pregnant and is overjoyed.  (Yep it's taken until 29 weeks for some of them to get the memo.)

-My body feels as though it's just come out of the boxing ring when I get home in the evening and when I get out of bed in the morning.  Whew carrying a baby around all day long isn't easy.  (Yes, I know...it's only the beginning!)

-Feet massages feel like pure heaven right now.

-Our restaurant budget amount is definitely not being followed.  Who has energy to cook in the first few weeks of school?!

-I have said, "I love the way______ is _______" about a million times as positive reinforcement.  Maybe so many times I've started to use the lines on Justin and Boone at home to reinforce their positive behavior.  I'm sorry...it's habit right now!

I'm sure I could keep going!  On. And. On. (If you're a teacher, or have been one, please tell me you can relate!)

Feel free to add your own beginning of the year thoughts in your comments....would love to hear them! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I feel you on the 20 minute lunches! Since school has started and all that comes with that, there has been many a day already this year that I have had all of 10 minutes to eat! I was pregnant last school year. My chair and I became best friends that last trimester, and I still went home with huge swollen feet and ankles. Hope things settle down soon for you!

  2. Oh girl...I'm feeling ya on some of these things! The life of a teacher is so tiring!

  3. Gosh, I don't know how you are doing it!! Bless you sweet girl!
    I can honestly say I did not refer to myself in third person to my kiddos. Funny the different things that we do and say with our students :)

  4. Oh, and I love that you are using the baby as an excuse!!! Milk it while you can, I say ;)
    Plus, it really is probably better for you both if they put their own chairs up :)

  5. yes yes and yes. laughed & related through it all (minus the baby thing). i said "mrs. swarbrick needs you to..." and one of the kids said "wait, isn't that you?". third person overload :) praying for you friend! thanks for the link love too ;)

  6. The 3rd person continues in mommyhood. I'm always saying "Now, Lilleigh, Mommy has to ____" Haha! Makes me laugh too.
    Love that they put their chairs up for you! Baby is always a good excuse!
    The laundry thing - my hubby has been the same way! You're tired when you're pregnant and busy when the baby is out! It doesn't end! ;)
    I have some easy soup recipes that might be helpful? Check Thankfully Thrifty menu for chicken tortilla and tomato basil. Both are super easy and quick to make.
    The boxing ring - I hated that part!! Good analogy! Yes, you carry the baby around after but not all day!! It's different. You can set them down. And you can use a stroller places. It's def harder carrying them preggers! Hope that's encouraging!

  7. I completely relate!! Except for the being pregnant part! I think my most used sentence is "go get hand sanitizer". Everytime I look around some kid has their fingers up thier nose, in their mouth, or down their pants.

  8. You deserve to use this baby as an excuse! I hope you're getting enough rest and relaxation! You deserve it!


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