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For some reason I just haven't felt as productive this summer as I have in past summers.  Maybe it's because my list was more daunting due to getting the nursery ready.  Maybe it was just being tired a lot of days.  I don't know...and I don't like to make excuses.  However, I had a great moment today!

This great moment was when I found my list of to-dos I had made at the end of the school year for what I wanted to get accomplished over the summer (some projects, of course, involved Justin's help big-time).  I made some lofty goals and just got everything I could think of off my mind and onto this list.  I was so excited today to pull this list out (yes, I hadn't even looked at it this summer after I made it) and found that I was able to cross off and/or label most things as "in progress".  Here's what is looks like on what is my last official day of summer vacation.  Overall, I'm pleased with what I have accomplished because on days I wasn't doing something off this list, I was either traveling or spending quality time with special people in my life.

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*crossed out=accomplished
*bold=in progress
*italics=see note about how I changed my mind on this
  • exercise 3-4 times a week
  • daily quiet time
  • get nursery ready:  paintings, find fabric, sew curtains/bed-skirt, wainscoting for wall
  • register
  • clean out office
  • clean/organize basement
  • find new recipes to try
  • make things for Etsy-changed my mind on putting time into this right now
  • organize photos/back-up on CDs
  • read books
  • have a yard sale-scheduled for end of August
  • organize kitchen cabinets
  • bathroom (turn into shower)
  • organize bathroom cabinets
  • get office set-up in extra bedroom
  • find extra kitchen chairs
  • find chairs for living room
  • find table crates for supplies in classroom-decided to go with individual supplies again to promote responsibility instead of having table/community supplies in the classroom
  • help mom organize her office-she got industrious and did this one on her own...I worked on cleaning my old bedroom out more and organizing that for her instead
  • research a business adventure-changed my mind a bit on this, but have another idea up my sleeve!-I will share as it becomes more pulled together :)
  • Ebay work for Mom & Dad
Things accomplished I didn't put on the list:
  • found some awesome bargains on nursery furniture (changing table and glider)
  • got involved in a Bible Study at church that I really enjoyed
  • classroom was pulled together in less than two days! (thanks to the hubby for his amazing help!)
  • Justin got three huge trees cut down in our backyard with his dad's help (they were a little too close to the house for comfort)
  • Adeline's closet is cleaned out and organized
  • sketched out my plan for decorating the nursery (huge deal to this visual gal)
  • cleaned out my closet and Justin's again to get rid of gobs more clothes
  • sold books on Amazon
  • pulled together a blog that our church family loved for our Youth Mission Trip
  • DIYed some flip flops
  • traveled to Cincinnati, Nashville, Hartselle, Alabama, and Fort Myers, Florida
  • researched cloth diapers a ton and decided on the ones we will use
  • got my first two weeks of school planned, including all of our Open House night things
I'm sure there's more...this is just what came to my mind right off. 

Whew, that feels good! :)

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  1. wow, that is impressive!! not to mention growing a baby :) seems like you've had a really great summer!

  2. Wow, you are awesome!!! I can't believe it's your last day of vacation-this summer just flew by!

  3. I do the exact same thing over summer break! (I'm a teacher too)! I also find myself spending a lot of the summer planning for the next school year. It's when I finally have time to look up all the cute activities to do. However, this summer pretty much nothing was done but spending time with my new baby girl! The best summer ever! Hope you have a great first week back.

    Amy @http://lifewithaubrey.blogspot.com

  4. good for you!! thats a LOT to do esp while pregnant! you should be proud of yourself!
    although I am not planning on using cloth diapers, I AM interested in seeing which ones you chose :) can't wait to see the nursery too! I am sooo behind, still havent purchased our fabric or bedding yet... ugh... ha!

  5. You have a basement??? So lucky! I want one!


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