bump update-week 26 and 27

my view--notice Justin's soccer shorts--they're a must-have on my wardrobe list right now :)
*I will update with the normal bump picture soon...we've been slacking in getting those taken! Oops!

How far along: 27 weeks

Baby size: Eggplant--(I wrote that last week but I read the wrong week.  Oops! Average length is a little over a foot and weight averages vary from 1 1/2 to 2 pounds.)

Total weight gain/loss: Almost 12 pounds up from pre-pregnancy

Sleep: Still going well.  I have added a pillow now to support my back too.  So that makes two pillows under my head, one behind my back, and then my long body pillow for in front of me...4 pillows total.  So far there's still room for Justin and Boone in the bed. ;)

Movement: Lots of movement! I read that this is peak time for movement...now and the next couple weeks because she's at a size where I can feel her really well and there is plenty of room left in the womb for her.  After that, with her size increase, there will be less and less room...hence, less feeling of movement.

Here favorite times to move are still late at night and early morning.  I do get an occasional feeling of movement during the day.  Many times the movements are strong.  It has also turned into full-on body rolls that make my stomach move and groove.

This morning I had a funny moment.  I started feeling this poking on my lower stomach.  It was hard and persistent enough to wake me up...and in my fog, I was thinking Justin must have rolled closer to me and had his elbow against my belly.  I woke up and Justin wasn't close to me in bed...it was Adeline that had poked me until I woke up.  Justin and I laughed about it, being that it's the first of many times I'm sure she'll wake me...whether it's by crying early in her life or poking me when she's older.

Food cravings/aversions: Ice cold drinks, especially water are tasting good.  A Tumbler was delivered to my home this summer from one of my sweet kiddos from last year and I have been keeping that filled with water all the time.  Fruit is also tasting good.  I'm noticing that I can't eat much at all in one setting.  It's like she's taking up all the room and there isn't any for food.  I'm just trying to eat very small meals more consistently throughout the day.  I'm also starting to wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Minor cramping still due to round ligament pain.  Also that constant full feeling.  It's like she seems to grow much faster than my belly wants to stretch.  Some heel pain when walking a lot.  Other than that, I'm still feeling good!

What I miss: Being able to lay on my back in bed or on the couch.

What I'm looking forward to: Starting our classes at the hospital, going to the Open House at our pediatrician, getting my glucose appointment over with, and continuing to work on the nursery!

Milestones: For me--nothing major.  I'm seeing less and less of my feet when I look down. ;)  For Adeline--she has brain movement now that can be read.  Her heartbeat is strong and loud enough that you can possibly hear it by placing your ear on my belly.

Best moment this week: Enjoying more and more entertaining movement.  Picking out our first cloth diaper! Justin and his dad getting one house project finished!! The next one on the list is the wainscoting for the nursery!

Moments with Justin: In a conversation about cloth diapering...which Justin has been understandably unsure about for a while...I finally asked him what his biggest fear of it all was.  He finally got serious, looked at me, and said..."There's going to be poop in our washing machine."  It cracked me up.  His nerves over it are settling and we're working out the kinks to our diapering plan while meeting in the middle. ;)

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  1. it sounds like a great week for you guys :)
    even though baby is so much bigger now, i feel her move even more frequently, the movements are just DIFFERENT. Instead of kicks and nudges, it's rolling and pushing as hard as she can with a body part, so maybe you will still feel a lot of movement in the weeks to come :)

  2. Look at that cute little bump! My sister is about 20 weeks along now and her bump is still pretty small but I love it anyway :) That's too funny about Justin and the poop...my mom used cloth diapers for all of us when we were babies but they had a diaper service then that she would just give all the poopy diapers to and have them come back all clean! Too bad they don't have that still :-P

    Have a great week!

  3. only 12 lbs?! you're tiny then! you look so cute. and i agree... comfy, loose shorts are the best kind when sportin' a bump.

  4. cute view! looks like everything is going well :)

  5. justin's thoughts on poop in the washing machine is hilarious!!!!! i love it! i'm excited you are wainscotting. i love that look. can't wait to see it!

  6. That's cute how she poked you until you woke up! I gotta say though, I don't think I ever noticed a decrease in movement with Wyatt when he grew - his movements were just bigger and changed the shape of my belly more and hurt more! Ha! It makes sense to me that they would move less as they have less room, but Wyatt didn't get the memo. :-)

  7. You look great! Love that perspective. :) And so fun about all of the movement! I can imagine that is the most amazing feeling!

  8. Funny about the poking and the cloth diaper debate! As for the eating thing, I never had that. I was always hungry! But I had friends who said they couldn't eat as much.

  9. I agree with Carissa! 12 lbs! haha. You are coiming along and that's so exciting. So happy you are enjoying it and your not sick!

  10. That's too funny about the cloth diapers. I know my husband would feel the same way but that is so awesome that you guys are working together to figure it out!

  11. Thanks for the comment! It is still crazy to me to "meet" people with such similar lives through blogging! Congratulations on your baby girl! I LOVE the name!

  12. Ohhh. You're maybe using cloth? I'm scared of it too, but my chiropractor was totally persuading me yesterday. She said it's cheaper and easier and greener (which I super love). I'm so interested. You should tell me more about it :)

    And gosh, I've already gained four pounds. I thought I was going to pass out right on the midwife when she weighed me. At the birthing center we're using, they want you to be really involved, so you track your weight and write it down for them... I hope I'm not tempted to fudge it sometimes :)


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