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If you remember back in October, hubby and I took a vacay to Disney World.  Amazing. 

What was so fun when we got home was to document the trip by making a photo book from Shutterfly! You can find the post about our photo book here.

I'm crazy about memories.  I love taking pictures.  What I don't love is going to get gobs of photos printed out and have them hang out in the closet forever as I promise that one day I will put them in an album.  It just doesn't happen.  Photo books are perfection when it comes to dealing with this issue.  They wrap all the memories and photos up into one neatly organized book.  Our stack of them started with this book and you better believe that with a baby on the way, the stack will only continue to grow! My next photo book adventure--pregnancy!

I take it upon myself to be the "memory keeper" of our family.  It just fits my personality and my new upcoming role as momma.  It's a big role to take on, but one I do gladly in order to preserve the precious moments I have with my sweet family and friends.

Shutterfly has gobs of options to help with this and I have quickly grown to love Shutterfly over the past year that I have been using them!

I've made photo cards that the recipients have gone crazy over!

I got a fabulous deal on our Christmas cards that I was so happy with!

I just recently, I created some thank-you cards for shower gifts using Adeline's pictures from our ultrasounds that I can't wait to see how they turned out! (Thanks, Ashleigh, for the great idea!)

And I can't wait to create our sweet Adeline's birth announcements on Shutterfly when she makes her debut this Fall!

How have you used Shutterfly?

I wrote this post to promote Shutterfly's photo cards in exchange for a free photo book.  But I would praise them anyway, because I just like 'em! ;)

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  1. I think I have about 10 (or more) photo books! They just make so much sense!

  2. love this & love photo books! i know once we start having kids we will be adding many more to our growing collection :)


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