sentimental much?

I'm such a sentimental person.  I cherish and adore memories.  I love to capture moments and hold onto things that I can look back on and say, "Oh..remember when?" I'm pretty sure I can thank my mom for this (Hi, Mom! It's not a bad thing.) So with our most recent vacation to Disney we have started a couple traditions to capture vacation memories.

Our first new tradition is making a photo book of our vacation photos instead of developing the pictures in a set.  This way we will have photo books to look at and all the photos are in one place.  Bonus...I don't have to fill an album and I was able to add captions.  (Easy scrapbooking in my opinion!) I used Walgreens.  However, I know there are many other options...such as Shutterfly and Costco.


A second tradition we have started was something I saw on Younghouselove.  The idea is to send yourself a postcard when you are on vacation.  You can add information like where you stayed, your favorite places to visit, favorite restaurants, and anything else you want to look back on and remember.  Except we tweaked this a bit. To save ourselves the postage, we just bought the post card and then filled it out when we got home.  It was a fun way to talk about the trip and reminisce.  We are keeping these in a great little green trunk I found at Homegoods.

Can't wait to add to our collection! How do you preserve vacation memories?

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  1. Love the photobook! I think I might steal that idea ;)

  2. i've been looking at getting a photobook made from shutterfly for our upcoming anniversary! i can't believe how cheap some of them are !
    love the post card idea!

  3. I collect postcards from the places we visit too! I just like looking through them at a later date. Derek and I usually try to find a Christmas ornament whenever we take a vacation as well, so we have a few hanging on our tree from different trips!

  4. Those are some great ideas Cait! I really want to make a photo book sometime..everyone talks about them and yours looked so nice!!

  5. Oh my gosh what a great idea to send yourself a postcard. Unfortunately we have already been slack about our "vacations" but starting now I'm gonna do better so we have a memory box of all the fun stuff we've done together =) Thanks for the tips!

  6. The postcard box is a great idea! I made a few photo books of some of our past vacations and I love them! We have a box called "Our Adventure Box" where we keep ticket stubs, brochures we really liked, bulletins of churches we visited while on vacation, etc. I, too, am very sentimental and I get more sentimental by the day! Haha:) We keep a journal while on vacation, too. So many priceless memories occur on trips away from home:)

  7. Such an amazing idea I am gonna steal it. SO cute!


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