giving thanks...

For precious time with wonderful family and friends over the Thanksgiving break! What a much-needed time of relaxing and fun that took place! Here's what we were up to over the weekend through pictures.

My grandma and brother carving the turkey...since my parents are in the middle of remodeling, they were using the top of the dryer to do this! ha!

My PaPa (left) and PaJack (right) waiting on lunch

With the hubby on Turkey Day

Boone "helped" my brother

With our annual ornament....Mom started a tradition last year of giving us all an ornament on Thanksgiving to welcome the Christmas season.  So fun!

With our momma!

The guys cleaning off the table!

Family portrait numero uno

We got a little silly....

And then even more silly.
 In the evening we celebrated with Justin's family at his Aunt's and Uncle's.  I was so busy having fun chasing around my little, twin nieces (and watching my 4 year old nephew investigate video games for the first time) that I forgot to take pictures! It was such a fun time celebrating with family there as well!

We came home Thursday night and relaxed for a while.  We looked out the window at one point and saw SNOW!! So festive!

The pumpkins getting covered in snow...we had a nice, white blanket of snow by Friday morning!

Friday consisted of A LOT of shopping! We don't get out super early, but it's a fun tradition to spend the day together shopping with my aunt, grandma, and mom.  After a whole day of Black Friday shopping, we had to be extra careful getting all the bags out.  Yikes!  

And Boone had fun cleaning up the left overs after we ate them again on Friday night.

So much fun! What a wonderful time of celebrating! I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed as well! See yah tomorrow for our 12 days of Christmas link-up!

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  1. Hey! Sooo i've been wanting to ask you where did you get your wide jeans from?! they are really cute and look super comfyy!!!!

  2. Great pictures! Glad y'all had a fun time? And snow?! How nice! Love your top you wore too!

  3. aw... snow, how i wish i would get a chance to see it this season.

  4. You looked like you had so much fun!! And I LOVE that orange crush sign in the background of the one picture!!


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