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First off, it's time to announce the winner of the second Thankfully Thrifty Baby Shower giveaway!  
The winner is......


Congrats, Katie! You're the winner of the Boogie Wipes! I will email you shortly to get your contact information!


Secondly, it's day 3 of my 30 for 30 challenge! That means I'm already 1/10 of the way through the challenge.  However, it was still very easy to find an outfit today from my 30 picks! Still loving this.  And today after a great discussion at Sunday School and a message of being more blessed by giving than receiving....I'm ready to get into my closet and find TONS of clothes to give away.  Can't wait!

{Day 3 of 30 Outfit}
*My day:  Sunday School, Church, Church Thanksgiving Lunch.* 

From 30:  Fuchsia dress, long sleeve brown shirt, brown leggings, brown boots; Accessories:  striped scarf from Old Navy and brown hoop earrings
Again, awful pic.  Sorry for that.  I was tempted to cut my head off the pic so you would just see the clothes.  But then I decided a headless pic might be weird.  So this is what I settled with.  Maybe by day 30 there will be a decent pic. :)

Happy Sunday ladies! Hope it's blessed!

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  1. LOVE this outfit!

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

  2. i love the dress....super cute & colorful! you are adorable : )

  3. Love this idea. I've been toying with the idea. I purged a bunch from my closet, and think this is a wonderful idea. Love the outfit.


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