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So excited to link up with the lovely Jamie @ this kind of love.  Check out her link-up.  It makes this "middle of the week" day even a bit more worth celebrating.  [The other term for Wednesday makes me cringe.  Do any of y'all feel the same way?  Or do I just need to get my mind out of the gutter?]


I'm loving how my hubby looks with his new guitar.  It was a birthday/graduation gift from me.  I can't wait for him to take lessons. He's super excited.



I'm loving these three finds from my election day shopping trip with my mom and grandma.  We shopped all the "best deal" places...TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls.  This great basket was only $14.99...it's housing shoes in our foyer.  The adorable pillow was something I could not put down.  It was on clearance for $6.50 and is now snuggled in the chair in the corner of our living room.  (Seriously, this pillow just may be something I design a little boy's rugged nursery around one day.)  And this awesome "Happy Birthday" plate was used for the first time for hubby's bday celebration this past weekend.  It's a new tradition in our bungalow...bday person gets to eat their dessert on the special plate!


I'm loving that since my prof was "throwing up" (his terms exactly in his email) and canceled class Monday night, I had one extra afternoon to spend on a walk with this cute guy.  He loves going for a walk with his momma.


I'm loving this recipe my friend Kendra shared with me for Oreo Ice Cream cake.  Move over Dairy Queen...this stuff is fabulous!

-a half gallon of vanilla ice cream (I use one and a half 1.5 quart containers)
-2/3 container of Oreos
-1 container of cool whip (I use light)

To make:
-Let ice cream and cool whip sit out until soft
-Crush Oreos in large bowl (I prefer my potato masher)
-Slowly add in ice cream and cool whip, gradually mixing it in
-Fill a 9x13" pan with the ice cream mix
-Let freeze

I used the extra Oreos to decorate the top of Justin's cake.  It was a big hit! (And the best part is there was extra left over in our freezer.)


Today was an early release day at school, meaning a couple hours without kiddos.  I love my kiddos but after conferences taking place over the last couple weeks, a break is nice.

We rearranged our living room furniture! Love it!

Happy Wednesday to you!

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  1. Thanks for playing along girl!

    I love all your new goodies you bought :)

    That cake looks delicious!

  2. we have early out today too!! love it! I love my husband w/ his guitar too!

  3. This Oreo Ice Cream cake seems so delicious! I want some :)


  4. The oreo ice cream cake sounds amazing!!

  5. I love those things you bought! That cake looks so good!

  6. That oreo cake looks amazing. Yay for a half-day. Hope it's a great one.

  7. Oreo ice cream cake... Favorite! YUM!

  8. Yum! I got the same ice cream cake recipe from my MIL and we LOVE it! Your post inspires me to make it again! :)

  9. Love puppy walks, TJ Maxx, and that cake. I'm gonna have to try it!

  10. The guitar lessons sounds super exciting! What a sweet gift. :) And I'm loving the idea of that pillow as inspiration for a baby's room. Getting a little baby fever??? (Join the club! ha ha) :) I will have to try the oreo cake - Kevin would love it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. i wanna go shopping with you ;)

    i LOVE the pillow and please please please, make another cake and let me have a piece? ha

    glad to meet you through your etsy! i'm so excited for my swap and so happy i found you to help me out with the perfect ornament! xo

  12. Aww the icecream cakes seems so yummy.. I love sweets!


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