30 for 30....cold turkey

After reading about 30 for 30 on Natalie's blog yesterday I started pondering if I could really take the challenge.  For those of you that haven't heard of this, it's a challenge to create 30 different outfits out of 30 different articles of clothing (not including accessories).  To read about all the details, visit here.  It's a challenge to simplify, shop your closet, and get creative with what you have.  (Oh, and you can't shop for new clothes for the 30 days.  That was the detail that almost made me say, "absolutely not!", but then I realized I needed to be bold.  Just give it a try! I honestly don't shop for clothes that often...but I knew I may be tempted as I Christmas shop for others....so all the more reason to practice a little self control!) Love it! I'm excited to join my blog friend, Natalie, on this fun adventure! Here are the details...

When? I am starting today, November 19th and will be finished on December 18th.
Why? To simplify, appreciate what I have, learn more about contentment, be creative, and challenge myself.
What? I will choose from the 30 items below each day for my outfits.  I will take a picture of my outfit each day (some days more than one due to possible changing clothes for something else I am doing that day) and share them with you.  I will also let you know where I wore the outfit.  Keep in mind accessories are not included.  I am also not including work-out clothes I might wear like sweats...those aren't really outfits that I wear for the day.
How? I first chose my "staple items"...those I knew I could not go 30 days without wearing...they are my "go to" items.  I also chose quite a few neutrals that I can layer and accessorize with scarves and jewelry.  I considered casual days and dress-up days.  (Usually I have to dress up every day of the week except for Fridays.  However, at school earlier in the year, if you donated to a specific organization that benefits our district's kiddos, you can wear jeans all of December! That made the pant choice pretty simple.)

the 30

casual light jeans, casual dark jeans, wide leg denims, trouser denims, brown leggings, black leggings (Total pants: 6)

UK long sleeve shirt, white long sleeve shirt, decorative cream and brown t-shirt, black long sleeve shirt, brown long sleeve shirt, white t-shirt, ruffled long sleeve shirt (Total shirts:  7)

Green sweatshirt jacket, tan sweater, grey shirt/sweater, jean jacket, long brown, belted sweater, black sweatshirt jacket, brown khaki jacket, hooded school sweatshirt (Total sweaters/jackets: 8)
Fuchsia knee-length dress, long floral dress, LBD--my little "brown" dress (Total dresses: 3)

Grey New Balance, brown boots, tan flats, brown flats, black "dressy" tennis shoes, black flats (Total shoes: 6)

{Day 1 outfit}
*My Day:  Dress-down Friday at work and Mom's bday dinner at my grandparents'*

From 30:  New Balance, denim wide legs, UK long sleeve (gotta support my Wildcats!); Accessories:  cream scarf, black earrings 
 So here we go! Come back to see my pick from the 30 for the other 29 days! Now head over here to see Natalie's picks!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Fun! I wish I could do this! But I'm just now at the stage of pregnancy where I need to buy more maternity clothes. Plus I could get HUGE in the next 20 days.
    I'm going to live through you.

  2. I LOVE this! I have actually been thinking about this A LOT lately, mainly because I am getting by with so few maternity clothes right now and still find ways to feel cute! I'm thinking I need to go through my closet and give away a lot now... before I can argue with myself over it once the baby is born...
    I'm excited to hear about your journey!


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