"love, love...love, love, love"

Post title disclaimer....Have you seen The Heartbreak Kid? It's a pretty funny Ben Stiller movie.  Okay, maybe a little crude humored at times...but funny.  At the end of the movie, in reply to his girlfriend/wife (not sure her status) saying "I love you", he says "love, love...love, love, love."  So sometimes Justin and I quote that line..quite often actually.  Just seemed to fit the lovely Jamie's "What I'm Loving" link-up!
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Now down to business.


I'm loving this gum.  Seriously.  It does taste just like dessert.  And maybe, just maybe, Bob and Jillian are right and it will save me a few calories.


I'm loving this man's music.  I got into Dave Barne's his music in college and we were lucky to get to see him with some other greats before his music made its way to the radio.  But specifically, I'm loving Dave Barne's new Christmas album.  I bought it on iTunes and have been jamming to it at every chance I get! This is one of my favorites on the album.  (Because he's also singing with Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott.)


I'm loving our new prayer garden at church that my hubby and dad designed and built with the help of their crew of workers.  My dad is so amazingly talented with his creativity in landscape design.  And my hubby is so creative and amazing with his skills in implementing the designs.  His eye for water features are awesome.  I was also blessed to be able to help them create the cross and flame template for them to use.  What amazing talent they used for God's glory!



I'm loving the new fleece pajama pants my aunt gave Justin and me! Oh my...they are fabulous.  Justin decided that they were like a Snuggie for his legs.  (His words exactly.)  Mine are black and white snowflakes and his are plaid.  I've decided to live in them this winter.


In my attempt to get over my Diet Coke obsession...I am loving green tea with honey! It's my go-to drink for caffeine.  And thanks to this amazing find called Honest Tea Green Tea with Honey, I have successfully gotten over my habit of drinking a Diet Coke every morning.  Whoo hoo! (And now I'm even making my own green tea at home.  Not only does my body thank me, but the budget does too now.)



I'm loving that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and then Friday is "Black Friday" shopping.  Both days are fabulous times with wonderful family! Can't wait!

What are you loving today?

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  1. I love Dave Barnes' music. When I first saw him, he made me think of this guy we knew who leads worship (actually, Carissa's husband from lowercase letters). I don't think I've ever told them that.
    Anyway, have a LOVELY day tomorrow, friend!

  2. The prayer garden is gorgeous!

  3. Love Dave Barnes! I am about to head over there and grab that new Christmas album!

  4. I'm sooo ready for black friday too! That gum is a sin.. love it!!

    Happy thanksgiving!

  5. I love fleece pj's in the winter! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Those fleece pj pants look so comfy! Glad you mentioned the gum because I've seen it in stores and wondered if it was any good. Might have to give it a try!

  7. The prayer garden looks beautiful!

  8. That video is awesome... the prayer garden looks awesome! Have a great THanksgiving!

  9. Hey Cait! I am so glad to have found your cute blog. I love being able to connect with other Christian ladies through the blog world. I hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  10. Oh my goodness I tried a piece of the key line pie gum the other day. I got a piece from one of the kids. She said "wait for it, you can taste the crust too". I told her it was like being in Willy Wonka. She agreed except she said you don't get fat and turn blue:)

    Your dad and Justin are super talented. The prayer garden is beautiful!

  11. Thanks for playing along!

    The prayer garden looks great!

  12. dave barnes rocks! love him. i must try that gum... it's always good to try to trick my taste buds a bit (especially after the calorie-laden thanksgiving!).


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