First off, it's time to announce the winner of the third and final Thankfully Thrifty Baby Shower giveaway here at theblessedlife!  
The winner is......

(A sweet mommy-to-be!)

Congrats, Melanie! You're the winner of the Express Yourself! Creations Etsy gift card! I will email you shortly to get your contact information! Happy shopping!
30 for 30

Now for the update on what I've been wearing! Ha! As if enough hasn't been going on around here to celebrate Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season, I've kept rolling with my 30 for 30.  Today marks day 11 of the challenge! If you didn't catch my first post about the 30 for 30 challenge, check it out here.  
Let's rewind a bit.
{Day 6 of 30 outfit}
*My day:  First day off from break and Justin had the day off due to rainy weather...so we ran errands! That night we had our friends Chad and Cheri over for pizza and games!*

From 30:  Light casual jeans, long sleeve white t-shirt, gray New Balances; Accessories:  Green scarf

{Day 7 of 30 outfit}
*My day:  Thanksgiving day! (pardon the floor...my parents are in the middle of a remodel)*
From 30:  Wide leg trousers, brown boots, tan Ann Taylor Loft shirt from hubby last Christmas; Accessories:  Just earrings.

{Day 8 of 30 outfit}
*My day: Black Friday shopping with my grandma, aunt, and mom! What fun!*
From 30:  Light casual jeans, tan sweater, white long sleeve t-shirt, tan flats; Accessories:  Brown and yellow floral scarf

{Day 9 of 30 outfit}  
*My day:  Must have been all the turkey from the past two days...I forgot my picture on this day. Hubby and I started putting up all the decor and then went shopping.*

From 30:  UK long sleeve t-shirt, dark casual jeans, gray New Balance shoes.   I was boring on this day...no accessories and very comfy.
{Day 10 of 30 outfit}
*My day:  Sunday School, church, lunch, Christmas decorating (hence the sneak peek at the tree), and then helped get Christmas packages ready to send out from our college outreach ministry.*

From 30:  Long sleeve black t-shirt, wide leg trousers, black dress tennis shoes; Accessories:  Polka dotted scarf, hoop earrings, and does Boone count?
And finally, today... 
{Day 11 of 30 outfit}
*My day:  Back to school and then night grad class.*

From 30:  Long dress, brown long sleeve shirt, brown boots, plus I layered brown leggings under this dress for warmth under this made-for-summer dress; Accessories:  cream scarf, hoop earrings

Whew! I think that gets you caught up! Can't wait to share all about the great Thanksgiving break I had...coming tomorrow.  
Also, don't forget....
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  1. i love all of your scarfs! they are all so unique looking! And YES Boone counts as an accessory ; )
    Glad you guys had a great thanksgiving!!!
    i am so excited for the 12 days of Christmas!!!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited to go 'shopping' with my gift card!! Thanks Cait!! Loved your outfits..you sure do have the scarf collection! They are all so pretty!

  3. I love the dark pink scarf from day 10! All the outfits are cute!

  4. I am loving this!!! I actually did a little closet cleaning out the other night... not a 30 for 30. I mean let's face it - with limited maternity clothes, I'm basically there now. ;) But I did clean out nonmaternity items right now while I can't wear them... before I have time to complain or talk myself out of it!

  5. I love the 30 for 30! Scarves are such an awesome way to change up an outfit!


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