Thankfully Thrifty Baby Shower Giveaway-Round Three!

This is your final giveaway chance here at theblessedlife for the fun baby shower celebrating Ashleigh from Thankfully Thrifty and her first little one. If you are from Ashleigh's blog, welcome back! If you haven't stopped by to see her first, you can go here for more details about this fabulous giveaway and others going on!

I'm excited to host another part of the baby shower for you to get a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to the Express Yourself! Creations Etsy store!

Jill is a mom herself and knows how busy life can get with little ones! She has a large selection of day planners (agendas) to plan all those doctors appointments, sports games and practices, or play dates.  She also has a large selection of swaddle blankets and burpies/bibs for you moms of little ones (or little ones on the way)! They look so adorable and fashionable for the sweet little ones in your life.  And news to me, but Ashleigh let me in on a little secret...swaddle blankets are larger than receiving blankets, meaning extra cozy to snuggle up and swaddle your sweet baby.  Jill has many colorful fabric options! If you would like to see more fabric options other than what you see on her site, send a message to Jill and she will be happy to send more pictures your way!
Okay, time to play!


One $15 gift certificate will be awarded to one randomly selected person.

Game time! The first mandatory entry is to play along with the baby shower game right here in the comment section!

How it works...

In the comment section, let us know your best swaddling and/or burping tip! (This is only one entry...I can't wait to read your tips!)

You can earn one extra entry for each of the following.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry in order for each to be counted and make sure to leave your email address with at least one of your comments so that I can contact you if you win.

1. Visit Express Yourself! Creations and leave a comment letting me know which item you would like to have if you win this giveaway!

2.  Add Express Yourself! Creations to your favorites on Etsy.  Leave a comment letting me know you did.
3. Become a follower of Thankfully Thrifty on Twitter here and tweet about the giveaway
4. Grab my button for your site and/or add me to your BlogRoll on your blog
5. Grab Thankfully Thrifty's button for your site and/or add her to your BlogRoll on your blog
6.  For three extra entries, purchase something from Express Yourself! Creations and come back to let me know what you purchased!

This giveaway will end on Saturday, November 27th at midnight (eastern time).  The winner will be randomly selected and posted on Sunday, November 28th. Have fun and good luck! Make sure to check back by Thankfully Thrifty to find out about other giveaways going on!

(And don't forget to enter the Mommy Hook giveaway here that ends tomorrow and the Boogie Wipes giveaway here if you haven't already! It ends November 21st!)

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  1. Okay so obviously my comment doesn't count, but I can't wait to see the advice!! I need it! Thanks, Cait, for hosting!
    Ashleigh aka Thankfully Thrifty

  2. I sit the baby on my knee, hold thier chin and rub/pat thier back, that way if they spit up, it goes on the floor (not good if you have carpet) instead of you.

  3. My daughter hated her arms swaddled, so I would start the swaddle right under her arms. This made her so cozy & swaddled while avoiding the fight to get the whole swaddle off to get to her hands! Would love to win the gift certificate!! :)

  4. Ok I'm ready to enter this contest! Only thing is I've never swaddled or burped a baby in my life!! I have SO MUCH to learn! Wish I had a tip to submit..but I'm looking forward to learning from some of the other bloggers/commenters!!

  5. I have your button on my blogroll (The Blessed Life)!

  6. I also have Thankfully Thrifty's button on my blogroll!

  7. A burping tip: sit your baby upright on your lap and gently rub her/his back while rocking them back and forth slightly. Or spread a burping cloth over your knees, lay your baby belly down on your knees and gently pat. These 2 things seemed to help my 1stborn who was colicky.

  8. I visited the site and like the Apple/Pear Girl's bip and burpies and also the cute polka-dot Swaddlers blanket! All the items are lovely!

  9. that when you burp a baby, the person across the room should be able to hear you patting the baby, that's the perfect "bump" you need to get the gas moving.

  10. I sit them up on my knee and pat, pat, pat till a little burp comes out.

  11. I added Express Yourself Creations to my favorites list on Etsy.

  12. I follow Thankfully Thrifty on Twitter.

  13. Okay, sign me up! I don't have any burping tips from personal experience, but my mom always tells me how cloth diapers make the best burp cloths, because they are so absorbent. So I think I'll have to get some purely for that purpose!

  14. I like the personalize pillow case. I had one when I was a kid and thought it was the most awesome thing ever.

  15. I have also heard that cloth diapers are the way to go for burp cloths. Am asking for a bunch on my registry. I'm expecting my first so not exactly a wealth of knowledge yet.
    bigkittytalks (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Sometimes it helps them burp better if you help them sit up in your lap.

  17. I like the personalized pillow case.

  18. Don't be afraid to pat your baby hard! So many parents are afraid "to break" their baby, they don't pat hard enough!

  19. visited her etsy shop and I LOVE the personalized pillow case :)

  20. I added her shop as a favorite on Etsy (my profile name is bagladystuff)


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