Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas Link-Up party!!


Today's topic....

What does Christmas mean to you?

To me, one phrase stands out the most when I think of Christmas...

JOY to the World.

Christ was born so that this world might have hope, peace, love, and joy. 
Joy was wrapped in cloth and snuggled in the manger.
Joy brought angels and wisemen.
Joy caused Mary and Joseph to have a faith that they had never had before.  It caused them to draw near to their Lord and on that very night, and it caused their heart to leap in awe of God's work.
Joy was sent from heaven to reach our own hearts.
Joy came to save our souls.

We are called by Christ to live a life free of sin and full of joy.

Yes, Christmas is a time where I treasure family, memories, giving presents, decorations, and all the other wonderful traditions that come with the season.  But most of all, I treasure the joy in my heart thanks to the sweet Savior that we celebrate this season.

Joy to your heart this Christmas.

Joy to the world...
a Savior's born!

Grab the button, link-up, and share what Christmas means to you! 
Tomorrow's topic...Christmas Traditions!

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  1. Jesus is definitely the reason for the season!

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. can i just copy & paste this?! jk!i have SO much joy stuff even to decorate this year that I was thinking on doing a post just about that! I am so filled with JOY becuase of Him this year and I think that really is the most important thing to remember at Christmas time. Without this time of year, his birth, we wouldn't have salvation after all! I can't wait to link up!

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for your sweet comment - yes, we definitely do need to get together soon!!! Let's get it on the calendar for sure. I know after I do this craft show this Sat. I'm going to be calling you and wanting us to collaborate and do one together in the spring! :)

  4. Beautifully put, and I whole-heartedly agree!

  5. such a beautiful image of JOY at Christ's birth! so excited for this link up party :)

  6. What a terrific post. :) Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in all the wrong aspects of this time of year. I enjoy the trees, the lights, the presents and all that...but what a wonderful thing to slow down, relax and FEEL Christmas. Feel the peace, the love and the JOY that Christmas is all about. :) Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your 12 days. :)

  7. I love this post. Because of Jesus, I can have JOY all year round! Sometimes it's hard to find, but it's there. It goes so much deeper than happiness and it's never ending! So thankful I can participate in this blog link up!


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