ice, ice, baby

Santa came to town early here and delivered three, yes three, snow days for us teachers this week! Crazy since I can't remember ever having a snow day before Christmas break,even as a kiddo. And even though I had mixed feelings about it, I'm celebrating that I just got a call that our third snow day will be tomorrow, which means my break has started two days early! Earlier in the week we were dealing with snow...and then last night, we got sleet and freezing rain...so our neck of the woods is like one big ice skating rink.  I thought I would have a go with my first video post to share our pup ice skating on our steep driveway!

So it's probably one of those things where we think our kid is the cutest...and you may not be as impressed.  But we love our pup and think he's something special. :)
(His 2nd birthday is Saturday, too!)

Happy early birthday, Boone!

(Seriously, it just feels like no time at all since we adopted him and brought him home looking like this...)

We have lots of celebrating to do this weekend...and I will update in a couple days or so with details!

Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s.  I'm featured over at Thankfully Thrifty today! Thanks, Ashleigh, for the shout-out!

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  1. We're big dog lovers over here and I think the video is adorable! I felt the same need to justify the pics I posted the other day of our dogs with Santa...it's just what you do when your dog is your baby!

  2. Oh how fun!! Happy official Christmas break :) that picture of yalls dog is too cute! And in case you were wondering-it got down to a chilly 44 here in Texas ;)

  3. boone is having a BLAST {i think you guys were too ; )} can i send ellie & oscar over to play?! that looks like so much fun!
    yay for break!!!! i'm officially on mine too---hooray! and i think my 30 for 30 is over because i do not plan on wearing anything but sweats today & tomorrow : )

  4. oh goodness, he's two cute!!! ; ) wow, 3 snow days?! - merry Christmas to you!

  5. Oh, 3 snow days? Lucky!! We had one last Monday. I'm looking forward to some hopefully in January!

  6. Happy break!! And happy birthday, Boone! Doesn't the cute things he does just melt your heart? I know Sammy does mine. :)


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