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I love the idea of helping someone else out (besides those big-name retailers) with Christmas purchases.  All of the below gifts come from Etsy.  Here are a few of my faves!

For the ladies in your life...

knitted, floral ear warmer from bitsy blossom

adorable bracelet from Gifted Hands NYC...all proceeds benefit a non-profit organization that reach low-income and/or homeless individuals through the gift of art
organic, natural bath scrub!...Yum in the Tub
For the men in your life...

personalize guitar pick from CharitableCreations (10% of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice)
wash cloths...yes, wash cloths! But they are organic, "manly" wash cloths that I know my hubby would appreciate! part of the proceeds go to various charities...check out more at Bugsella

Lego piece key chain...so nostalgic! find it at Gro0glemann's shop
For the babies and kiddos...

Rainbow Owl Hat from Blessed2009 and can be customized with your chosen colors for boy or girl!

Dinosaur-shaped crayons! from ivylanedesigns (made from recycled crayons)
Ruffled Bloomers from Moore Baby Clothing (in assorted colors)

Giant Art Bag from Snuggle Bug Kidz
And the list could go on and on and on and.....you get the point!

Can't wait to see your gift ideas!

Tomorrow....Christmas Memories.

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  1. What fun gifts! That bracelet is beautiful! I just love Etsy :)

  2. u and i are on the same page. i ETsy-ed my gifts this year =) Thanks for those links! I love finding new stuff on there although it's quite hard to maneuver in Etsy.

  3. I love every single thing you listed! I'm going to get on Etsy now and find some Christmas presents!

    P.S. Sorry I'm so bad about leaving comments - I check Google Reader and I forget!

  4. okay the personalized guitar pick is seriously cool. i might have to pick one of those up for T's stocking!

  5. oh my goodness, i love all of those pretty things! etsy is so fun and beautiful :) love the ear warmers, how cute!

  6. Oh my gosh..I want one of those owl hats for my baby!!!!! That is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!

  7. The ruffled bloomers...oh my goodness!!! I am so glad you shared that- I intend to get a pair!! They are too cute!


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