a year in review

I cannot believe 2010 is almost over! I feel like it was just 2000.  It's crazy also, because in this past decade, a lot has happened.

2000--Graduated from Middle School
2004--Graduate from High School
2008--Graduated from college, got my first teaching job, bought our home, and got married!
2009--Adopted Boone

I mean really, the past decade has included all the big life changes that have happened in my 24 (almost 25) years on earth.  I'm so excited to see where God takes us in the next year...and even decade!

So let's recap the past year...

-Finally hung wedding pics in our bedroom
-Tutored for the first time
-Attended Winter Blitz with our church youth group to help out

-Took GRE
-Got super sick with the worst stomach virus of my life.  (This made Valentine's Day a little less enjoyable. Poor hubby.)
-hung wedding pics in living room

-Celebrated Boone's first "Gotcha Day" on March 5th (the day he was adopted)
-Celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday
-Celebrated my 24th birthday with dinner at Macaroni Grill with the family
-file cabinet makeover

-After much changes in our school, I found out my teaching assignment for this year would be 4th grade
-Helped lead a Middle School church retreat
-Hot water heater and AC went out in the same day

-accepted into masters program (Masters of Education with a Reading and Writing Endorsement)
-Derby party celebration
-Celebrated my grandpa's 87th birthday
-Took first masters class
-two year anniversary of closing on our house
-had AC repaired
-bought HE frontloaders after washer went out
-helped organize huge yard sale at our church to benefit our women and youth ministries

-celebrated the end of a my 2nd year of teaching
-visited Farmers Market regularly on Saturday mornings
-started our garden
-mini-makeover to office (including bookshelf makeover)
-hubby started a lawn care business on the side with his friend, Chad
-took more classes
-created DIY curtains for the living room
-road trip to Frisco and Paris, TX for Justin's best friend's wedding
-visited my first IKEA in Frisco, TX
-mission trip with our church youth group to Hartselle, Alabama

-started my Etsy shop
-celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary
-family vacation to Washington D.C.; also visited Baltimore, Maryland for the first time

-started the couch to 5k training program (sadly, didn't complete it all the way)
-got my classroom ready for the upcoming year
-celebrated the blog's one year birthday
-started my 3rd year of teaching

-created a little storage DIY for the kitchen
-started cutting Justin's hair at home
-hosted a Fall decor link-up on the blog
-started teaching the young adult Sunday School class at church

-visited the pumpkin patch
-spent Fall Break in Disney World!
-started Thursday Questions with hubby

-celebrated hubby's 25th birthday
-hubby got his first guitar as an early graduation/bday gift
-created my chalkboard ornaments
-started 30 for 30
-celebrated Thanksgiving with family

-hosted the 12 Days of Christmas link-up
-saw Christmas lights in the mega cavern
-first snow day of school year (3 the week before Christmas break)
-celebrated Boone's 2nd birthday
-Justin graduated with his bachelors
-celebrated my little brother's 21st bday
-of course...Christmas celebrations!

And just for fun....

2010 Top Posts:
1. Disney World--in just one post?!
2. deals and steals
3. decking the halls

2010 Top Referring Sites:
1. Page's Crazy Joy blog
2. Katie's The Burt Hive blog
3. Chelsie's ...love, Chelsie blog
(thanks ladies!)

2010 Top Visiting Countries:
1.  United States
2.  Canada
3.  Puerto Rico
4.  United Kingdom
5.  Russia
(how fun is that?!)

Happy New Year to you and yours! May 2011 be the best one yet...filled with God's abundant grace and blessings! I look forward to another year of posting and reading! Thanks for being such a special treasure in my life as a supporter and reader of this blog!

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  1. What a fun year to look back on! And I always think it is so funny all the countries people come from to read my little blog! Happy almost new year!

  2. What a great year! I'm going to look at all your DIY posts now. And how did you get your stats?

  3. it's crazy to think of everything that has happened in a decade! wow! excited for this coming year!!!

  4. And each post was great. Loved following and reading them and look forward to reading more in 2011.

  5. wow - so much to reflect on and thank God for! happy new year to you, sweet cait!!! oh and we are one year apart... unfortunately i'm the older one. ; )

  6. What a wonderful year you've had! Hope 2011 doesn't seem dull by comparison! I'm sure God has more great things in store for you and your family. Blessings!


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