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We recently did a little overhaul in our office.  It was the one room that still felt extremely unfinished and completely cluttered from our move almost two years ago.  I was a goofball and didn't take before pics so the after pics really won't be impressive to you becuase I will assure you that it's nothing very fancy.  However, we're happy with our little office/Boone's room and that's what matters.  (What really matters is I don't feel a vein in my neck popping out from stress each time I walk in the room now.  I kid.)

However, I did want to share a bookshelf makeover we did for the office.  Below is a bookshelf we got from Justin's grandparent's house.  Justin's mom thinks this is a bookshelf that came with an order of encyclopedias they purchased.  Pretty neat.  Very sturdy!



So how did we make this magic happen? Sanding and painting.  So simple.  I'm convinced that a fresh coat of white or light cream paint can freshen and liven up absolutely anything....scratches and all.

The steps:
{1} clean off dust/dirt/grime with a moist towel.
{2} sand the entire piece of furniture with an electric sander.  (You can just use sandpaper and do this by hand if you choose.)
{3} paint as many coats as necessary. (this took two...and really could have possibly used a third)

We found this paint at Wally World for less than $5 and it worked like a charm.  (It has lasted through two makeovers now...pics to come on DIY table distressing.)

Happy Saturday!

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  1. wow it looks great! I love seeing refurnished furniture!

  2. I love how white makes everything look so good!

  3. Very fresh and cute! You've inspired me to do some painting of my own (hopefully) this week. It's amazing how much new life it can bring to an old piece, isn't it? Oh, and don't worry, I NEVER remember to take "before" pictures either. I'm trying to get better about remembering since I've been blogging b/c they are fun to see, and gives YOU such a feeling of accomplishment to see where you've some from too!


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