if it ain't broke...

So here is something I've discovered about myself lately.  I find a decor "trick" or something that just works in our bungalow...and I repeat it somewhere else in the house.  I kinda like how it adds a flow to the house and keeps similar decor items/tricks similar throughout our house.

Photo Collages:


living room

Crosses in threes:

living room


Canvas material:

kitchen table runner

living room curtains


guest bedroom (floral pillow)

living room chair (matching floral pillow)

So I'm thinking my decor theme statement just may be, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  Meaning...if it works...it works.  Don't mess up something that works.

(Disclaimer:  No, the author of this blog does not use "ain't" in her vocabulary...although, she does live in an area of the country where it is a perfectly acceptable word choice and she may be tempted to use it here and there to get a point across.)

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  1. I love the way your home is decorated!!
    And I think ain't is an ok word.

  2. I also LOVE photo collages. I just did one in our dinig room with room to grow :) It is such a great way to display all your favorite pictures! Why just keep them in photo books?

  3. Sounds like a great idea to me! Now if I could only find something that "works".

  4. i love that sentence haha : )
    I feel the same way-why change something that looks so good!?

  5. You have such a pretty house w/beautiful color schemes! Great idea about decorating with some of the same themes also...love the pictures!

  6. Great idea Cait! I love the concept of having similar themes flow throughout the house. Good on ya mate!

    P.S. The word "ain't", ain't in my vocabulary either, unless I happen to be around some southern speakin' friends who rub it off on me. I'm a very empathetic talker.

  7. I love how you repeat certain themes in your house - it really works! Good tip.


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