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One of my grad classes right now is Writing Methods...all about the writing workshop in the classroom.  Writing has always been a passion of mine, so of course I am soaking this class up and loving the fact that the first hour or so of the three hour class is all opportunities to write in our own writer's notebook.  Because I teach my kiddos to live as a writer and to look at their world differently...constantly thinking of things that catch their eye or tug at their heart as possible seed ideas for writing pieces, I like to live as a writer myself and keep my own notebooks.  It's so relaxing for me and one of my best outlets.  I have always journaled and enjoyed writing...hence why I started my blog.  This week in class we decorated our own writer's notebooks (something I have my kiddos do at the beginning of they year once they have "earned" their notebook as a right of passage and receive it as a wrapped package).  I have started collecting writing in class, but I will also use this as my model this coming year during writing time.

-front cover-

-back cover-

Why have a notebook?

-to collect all those thoughts in your mind you don't want to lose
-to capture memories
-to have something that's "your own"
-for a creative outlet (believe me...it's so freeing)
-because it's fun

How do I create my own?

-find a notebook of any kind (this is a college-ruled spiral notebook...very cheap!)
-find pictures and magazine clippings that scream "you"
-place strategically, randomly, or however your heart desires on your notebook with glue
-cover with packaging tape, clear laminating material, or even Mod Podge

What should I put in my notebook?

-lists (your yearly events month by month, favorite baby names, favorite quotes, favorite bible verses, words you like, things people say, random thoughts, bests and worsts of your memories, blog post ideas, etc.)
-beginnings of stories (you don't have to finish them)
-things from nature
-prayers (it's so neat to go back and read prayers recorded and see how God has answered them in His time and way)
-anything you want....it's your notebook

Happy Friday and happy writing!

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  1. Love it! Very cool. That's one reason I started my blog... the Ashleigh's blog one that is. :)
    Btw have you read Cold Tangerines? I think you'd like it. And I think it would inspire you to write more too.

  2. Thank you for coming through and touring my living areas!

    Your blog is adorable; I love the colors and design.

    Also, what a neat teaching idea involving a special notebook! Maybe I can use that in the future ;-)


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