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I hope you'll pardon my lack of commenting and visiting your blogs.  I have missed reading! However, we just got back from a week in Texas, y'all. :) I'll share more about our trip later.  However, amidst my exhaustion, I wanted to get in on the home tour over at Extraordinary Love as I have the past few weeks.  (Why do summer weeks have to fly by so quickly?!)

Justin claims our extra bedroom as one of his faves.  It was one of the rooms we gave a little makeover to pretty soon after moving in.  The poor room needed a break from bright purple walls...whew.

bed: antique iron bed that's been in my family
nightstand: courtesy of by childhood bedroom set

closet: my closet

mirror:  another piece from my childhood bedroom

The other "extra" room in our home is our office/Boone's room.  You can read all about that recent makeover here.

Thanks for stopping by to see another part of our bungalow! Hope to see pictures of yours!

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  1. yay i can't wait to hear about your trip : )
    your extra bedroom is so cute!

  2. haha, I just about died..an iphone app for WebMd?! I would constantly be running to the dr, lol. And what is "the crud?" Is that even a medical term? Because if I checked webmd, it probably would not list that as a possibility!

  3. Your rooms are beautiful!! I love the way you decorate..simple yet inviting!

  4. Very serene and calming guest room! Can I come visit? You already know I love your office/Boone's room! Hope you had a wonderful trip to TX - I look forward to hearing about it!

  5. That guest room looks so comfy! I bet you have trouble getting your guests to leave.

  6. i love:

    the bed! it' gorgeous.

    the green! it's my favorite color.

    your house. it's beautiful!

    your new design! sarah did a fantastic job!

  7. I adore that bed! It's awesome!! :)


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