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Natalie at extraordinary love is hosting an awesome home tour for her readers.  Love this idea! One, because I love talking about and sharing ideas from our little bungalow that we know is a straight gift and blessing from God, and two, because I'm nosy and like to see other's cutesy homes! I'm sad to have missed the first tour of entryways and outdoor areas.  Although I missed last week's entryways and outdoor areas, I'm hoping to be in the party for the rest of the home tours! You can check out a few pics of our entryway in these posts: here and here.  This week's tour is of living areas.   (Two grad classes a day are keeping me away from blogging as much as I would like to do.)

Without further ado here is our living room...and when we say "living", we aren't kidding...we truly live in this room and it's probably my favorite of our little bungalow.

-Whole room view from our eat-in kitchen area that connects-

-view from front window toward eat-in kitchen area-
(I adore the sign above the entryway:  "home-where your story begins")

Starting around clockwise:

couch: wonderfully kind hand-me-down from Justin's sister and brother-in-law who had it has a hand-me-down from our brother-in-law's parents

crosses: one of the first things I hung on our walls two years ago (found at half off at Hobby Lobby)

magazine/picture stand in corner: flea market find given to me from my aunt (it holds my favorites: Country Living and Living Simple)

end tables: auction steal ($20 for these and a coffee table that is in our basement now)...check out the baskets that so amazingly fit under the top part of these tables (totally on accident that these fit here...I just had them). The left basket houses Justin's magazines, papers, etc. and the right one houses my books, magazines, camera chord, scissors for cutting coupons, etc.

ottoman: one of the smartest pieces of furniture in my opinion....holds our tired feet up and holds Justin's Lego's (haha, yep he has Lego's from Christmas...love him a anyway) and houses our Sunday papers

chair: lovely little Pier One cheapo find moved from my college townhouse...the floral pillow was a recently added accent found on Kohl's clearance

picture: framed engagement picture signed by our wedding guests at our reception

corner table: taken off my parents' hands and out of part of their "barn clutter" (no offense, mom and dad)...accessorized with a bible, other books, twigs in a glass vase, a cross that was on our cake table at our wedding, and candles

couch: Our living room has a very long, almost awkward lay-out.  This is our second couch.  Our plan eventually is to put two chairs here.  This couch is a hand-me-down from my parents that is older than me.  I love the chocolate brown color of this couch and how you can accessorize it so easily.  This winter I exchange the huge brown pillows from this couch with new, soft cream pillows from Target.
basket: left one was made by my great aunt and was a gift to us...it holds magazines and books.  the basket on the right holds pillows.  Why? Well for not better reason than to just add another touch of coziness to this room.

dog:  that would be our very own pride and joy, Boone.  This is his favorite spot of the house because he can check out bark at every creature that stirs and car that passes.

photo montage:  wedding pics that you can find DIY details about here.

entertainment center:  funny story...Justin bought this for me from our Bahamas mission trip church fundraiser yard sale before we were engaged and he had bought a ring (yep, we were that sure about the marriage thing coming up in our near future).  It houses movies, my sketchbook, games, free weights, Justin's Mustang books (I can't hide those away...that wouldn't be fair).  You can see more about me accessorizing this here.

basket:  Boone's personal basket.  This houses his toys...he knows to go there for his toys...now if we could train him to put his toys back in the basket.  Any tips?

table: cheapo flea market find I refinished (I promise I will share details in an upcoming post)

Thanks for stopping in! I'm glad I'm not the only nosy one! Just kidding....

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. oh my goodness it is ADORABLE! I love your floors and the wall color. So pretty.
    I have that same ottoman! It's hiding in the corner though, but we keep all of our blankets in it! DOes yours smell like cedar even though it's leather? Ours does and every time I take a blanket out I sniff it for like 5 minutes haha!
    I'm so glad you participated--your home is lovely-can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Hello again Cait! So glad you joined the tour! I feel the same way: totally nosy and love copying everybody else's brilliant ideas :-) Your living room is so cozy and cute! Love the big window, love the green and brown combo, love the crosses on the wall. Just so inviting! Thanks for sharing, and I'll look forward to seeing more of your place on the tour this month :-)

  3. I love the green paint on the wall, but my favorite feature is the red floral couch! I would love to use floral furniture in our house, but the hubs isn't the biggest fan... I wonder why? :-)

    Thank you for posting!

  4. love the living room. i get so jealous of people's living rooms when they look so cute and put together. mine is a hodge podge and so nothing like comes out of a magazine.

  5. y'all are so sweet...thanks for the kind words. it's definitely been a work in progress!

  6. I love the green!
    And the bookshelf below looks great now too!


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