sweet summertime

School's out! School's out! School's out!
(Can you tell I'm a bit excited?)
This means one special thing to me....freedom.

Now, don't get me wrong...I was sad to say goodbye to my precious class of 21 third and fourth graders.  I'm convinced they were one of those groups that I will always look back on and think, "Wow.  That was a good class."  Everyone in the building commented on it.  My boys were strong leaders and kind gentlemen (for the most part) and my girls were precious, unique, and compassionate sweeties.  Although I strongly believe that every kiddo that walks through my door is a blessing from God and a little body He has entrusted me with for the hours I spend with them.  I take that job very seriously.  However, they're just not all as easy to deal with as the others.  (I think you know what I mean.)  In the last days of school I was showered with beautiful flowers, gift cards, and cards that made my heart melt and my eyes fill up with tears.  Lines like:  "I am grateful as a mom to have had my baby in your care." and "Thank you for welcoming me into your classroom when I came to this school.  You have taught me so much." Are just two of many messages that melted my heart and touched my soul.  On the last day, in our last time meeting in a circle on our carpet together, I gave my little speech about how much fun I had with them and how much I was going to miss them, and how much they had touched my heart....all while trying to choke back the tears, which I did unsuccessfully.  We shared bittersweet memories and went through quite a few tissues.  Once I had heard from each of their hearts, one of my boys that I had for both 3rd and 4th grade asked me to go into our sink room (the room that connects our classroom to the one next door).  Because I know him so well and trust him, I agreed.  After a few seconds he told me I could come back out.  He anxiously counted while looking at his classmates, "one....two....three" and all 21 of them jumped up and ran toward me giving me a huge group hug.  It was so sweet and a perfect way to end our final day together.

Now let's fast forward a couple days as I have transitioned from full-time teacher to full-time stay-at-home-dog-mom.  Today was really my first day without end-of-the-year meetings.  It was so wonderful! My schedule looked like this:

7:15--wake up with Justin and pack his lunch
7:40--go back to bed (oh darn!)
9:00--hear alarm...hit snooze a gozillion times
10:00--finally wake up...Boone, too (I promise you I won't sleep this late every day of summer....if my own lack of self-discipline tries, masters classes won't allow it)
10:05--eat a bowl of cheerios on our front stoop while Boone enjoys taking in the morning air (he's extra cute in the morning)
10:10--take Boone for a walk
10:40--get ready for my day
12:30--meet some amazing ladies from my team this past year for lunch
2:00--shop a little more (found amazing deals on some adorable summer clothes, I might add)

The rest of the afternoon has been spent relaxing at home.  Sigh.  Much needed time! However, before you barf with annoyance of this laid-back, spoiled-person schedule, please realize it won't be like this every day. :)  I really do have things to accomplish, classes to attend, a 15-20 page research proposal to write, and meetings to attend at school.  I'll get to that.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. hahaha i am cracking up about your schedule! It sounds very similar to my day today : ) I definitely enjoyed my first day of full time summer and sleeping in...a little too much! But I WILL get up early with my husband and do things, I promise : )
    Your kids sound like such sweethearts! I hope you are blessed with another great group again next year!
    about the washer--I'm not sure about the energy efficient cycle-i think it's just energy efficient all the time? Everything I washed today barely felt wet when I moved it to the dryer-it was amazing. And I will check out target's detergent...love target and I didn't know theirs was HE! That's awesome!
    You can join in the home tour next week or any week if you decide you want to!! I'm glad you are going to have more time for blogging now too--I enjoy yours a lot!
    Hope you and your husband have a very blessed weekend!


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