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Whoo hoo.  I finally added a tab at the top that shares "our story"...the story of our journey of friendship, engagement, and finally marriage.  I promise it's not too sappy, it's honest, and you'll even get to see a picture of me with early 90s bangs and Justin missing his front teeth.  Check it out by clicking on the "our story" tab at the top of the page or going here.  (This Ecclesiastes verse was the one on my heart as we neared our wedding day....just wanted to share.)

He has made everything beautiful in it's time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11a

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  1. Wow, what an amazing story!! I think that verse is very very fitting!! You guys are too cute. Looking at your pictures, I realized I don't think I've seen a picture of your faces really(at least a close one)-you are a beautiful couple!
    I might have to steal your idea sometime and add the same kind of tab on my blog: )

  2. also-do you check the e-mail you have listed on here? I send you an e-mail the other day and I will also forward you an e-mail i wrote someone else about how to watermark : ) I just wanted to make sure you would get them and not think I was ignoring your requests ; ) Have a great night!

  3. Yes, I do check that one! I'm responding right now... :)

  4. adorabel! and your 80s hair has nothing on mine- the sad thing is mine continued into the early 90s. I'll have to dig up a pic for my blog:)


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