weekend joy

We had a fun-filled weekend.  It was so nice to actually have some time together and wife and hubby also...it just doesn't seem to happen enough here lately, so we soaked up every minute of it we could this weekend.

Friday night started with a Reds game with my brother and dad (my mom was in Cinci for the Methodist Conference so we took the opportunity to go see a game when we went to see her).  We love baseball in this family.

We had two foul balls come straight to us during the game.  The first one was coming directly at my face...thankfully my brother threw up his hands to grab it..unfortunately it bounced away from us...but he did save my life...I'm sure of it.

The second foul ball that came our way bounced out of someone's hands a few seats down from us...and Justin caught it on the fumble!

We filled up on hot dogs, peanuts, ice cream and soft drinks.  Gotta love ballpark food! The game ended in extra innings and there was a beautiful fireworks show we got to watch as we crossed the bridge back into Kentucky.  Fun night!

Saturday turned into a "date day" for Justin and me.  Gotta love those unplanned days that end up like that.  We headed downtown for a Greek festival and got some amazing Greek food....gyros, Greek salad, and Greek french fries...while listening to Greek music.

Next, we went to the waterfront and walked around downtown.  We're home to the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats...yep, they're made right here!

Next, we found a side street next to a famous hotel in downtown Louisville.  There was a red carpet, lots of stages being set up, and fancy people and cars.  The hotel has a museum and restaurant with a lot of modern art...hence why we found this little guy when we mosied our way down the street to see what was going on.

On our way back up the street I made eye contact with this lady coming up the sidewalk.  (Really I was looking at her because her jeans looked really cool.  Maybe I'm weird.)  Anyway, we got closer and closer to this lady and I locked eyes with her because she looked really familiar as she got closer.  Finally when I was next to her I realized it was Sheryl Crow! Justin and I both turned to each other after we passed her.  "Was that Sheryl Crow?" "Yeah, that was Sheryl Crow!" Then it hit us how goofy we were not to have said something to her...there was no one else around...I know she would have stopped for a pic, an autograph, a hello...lesson learned for our next celebrity spotting--don't be so stinking naive and speak up..since it happens so often. ha!

We went to a beautiful wedding Saturday night.  One of my dearest friends from elementary school married her high school sweetheart....it was a gorgeous ceremony and we had so much fun relaxing and enjoying the festivities.

(with the gorgeous bride, Tricia, and maid of honor, Kelly)

(with my handsome hubby)

Saturday night ended with a family ice cream run to Dairy Queen.

(we call him "dairy dog")

Sunday has been a day of relaxing and home projects....can't wait to share what I did with you! (Stay tuned for the post later in the week.)

Hoping your weekend was joy-filled!

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  1. yum i love ballpark hot dogs! nothing better : )
    Sounds like you guys had a great time! I bet Sheryl Crow was glad to not have people all over her for once, haha...maybe you did her a favor!

  2. Awesome about the ice cream! Have you gotten a Puppy Latte or a Pup Cup from Starbucks? It's whipped cream in a cup for your dog. I think its regional, so not every Starbucks will know what it is (as I figured out) but it's worth asking! And the people there are usually so nice that they'll make you one anyway (free, of course)!

  3. So it's hard to tell from the pic but 99% sure Tricia I'd my sorority sister. Didn't know her super well because she was a couple classes below me. Small world. We took Grace to Starbucks tonight for a puppy cup. She loves it. We tried DQ but they didn't give her anything, and after we physced her up and everything. Ah such as life. I'm serious we should take our furbabies for a park walk this summer. Glad you are making the most of your free time.


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