murphy's visit

Justin and I have been homeowners for a little over two years now.  We closed on our little bungalow the spring before our July wedding and moved in right after our honeymoon.  So we have lived in our home for a little over two years.  We've been blessed to not have Murphy (as in Murphy's law of "If it can go wrong, it will") pay us a visit.  However, Murphy finally decided to visit barge through our lovely little front door.  And I totally don't believe the whole "it comes in three's lingo".  In the past couple months....

-our water heater went out
-our ac went out (same day as the water heater I might add)
-our water company notified us of a water leak
-our washer went out last Friday

We're just praying that's the end for a while.  We'll see.  We were very blessed that our lovely washer and dryer had lasted 10 years...it was a hand-me-down from my aunt that then washed many loads of clothes for three girls in our townhouse during college and then moved with me when Justin and I got married.

So, needless to say, this weekend we surprisingly got to shop for a new washer and dryer.  We found a fabulous deal that we couldn't pass up on a combo washer/dryer deal.  Since our lovely little dryer is 10 years old, and seeing that Murphy has seemed to take up residence here....we decided to go ahead with a dryer also.  We are now the owners of some lovely little Frigidaire front loaders that make me excited less whiny about doing laundry.

Things I've learned or re-learned during this whole shebang....

-it really is worth it to be diligent about saving so you have an "emergency fund" for things like this (thanks, Dave)
-ac is very nice....but not a necessity (I guess)
-God provides
-things are just things

Here's to hoping that Murphy gets lost on his way from my home to yours!

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  1. aw, cait! i feel your pain! when it rains it pours and pours! but God is faithful to provide! - thank goodness!

  2. Yeah, seriously! Here's to Murphy jumping in a lake!! :) Hope your AC comes on soon - until then, enjoy that beautiful bill!!! So glad I was able to share a fun lunch with you on our last day as 'partner teachers.' What a fun journey it has been. Thanks for the many memories!

  3. oh no! I'm sorry it all happened at once but glad things are okay!
    We bought a new washer and dryer last weekend and ours are supposed to come tomorrow so we can swap new washer love ; )

  4. Oh Cait! I'm so sorry! I can totally relate though - last year we had a water heater and a/c failure around the same time. Actually our heatpump has been problematic (a lemon) ever since we got it new 8 years ago. PLUS the guy who installed it went out of business = no more warranty. FINALLY got the whole thing replaced last fall, only to find this week that the darn thing has started making ice in the unit. Not good. Guy coming today to look at it :-(. We've lived many a months without heat and air. Those cheap little window units do help (esp. in the bedroom) if you know of any you could borrow. In the mean time ENJOY your wonderful new washer/dryer! I would love a front loader - has it been great so far? Hope your Thursday is a good (and Murphy free) one! :-) ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  5. I love your new washer! At least you got something good out of all that bad luck!

  6. Totally stinks but at least it went out just before Memorial Day sales! Our tv went out the Wednesday before black friday. There is always a positive and I am totally jealous of the new additions!

  7. I agree with everything you said. But I will add... AC is not a necessity UNLESS you live in Texas! Way too hot not to have AC! And guess who gets to replace theirs this next week! Yep, Murphy paid us a visit too. Bummer! But like you, we are thankful to Dave and Crown. :)


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