new blog design!!

I am beyond excited to introduce my new blog design, designed by the amazing Sarah Ann from Bon Blog Designs.  Love it! Sarah Ann was so great throughout the process of creating this new design and asked me questions throughout the entire journey so that I felt that I had a hand in designing it myself.  If you are on the fence about a new blog design, check her out--her portfolio will be enough to help you make a decision! (And if you already have my button, please take a moment to replace it with my new, more "spiffy" button.  If you don't have my button yet, the new creation will add some beautiful bling to your blog.)

Stay tuned for the next part of the house tour coming up later today...kitchens!

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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  1. ahh I love it!! Isn't Sarah Ann awesome?! She does SUCH good work : )


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