sitting still...

This is something I am not good at.  Not at all.  When I sit on my couch and blog...that's probably the longest I ever sit still.  However....the stomach virus hit me on Saturday.  Grrroooosss.  I felt it slowly coming on, hoping it was just something that I ate.  (In the back of my mind...I knew what it was.  Three of my students were out last week from it...so of course it would eventually crawl its way to the teacher.)  Justin and I did have a Valentines date planned.  I wouldn't let me getting sick get in the way.  (I'm stubborn that way.)

First sign I was getting sick--I left some food on my plate at dinner. (I'm not usually one to do that.) ;)

I kept trying to push it away...thinking it was just a little something.

Second and for sure sign I was getting sick--I went to bed at 9:30 on Saturday night.  I probably have not gone to bed that early since elementary school.  No joke. (I'm a night owl.)

Saturday night was absolutely no fun.  And my poor, poor husband.  He had to completely take over.  I was miserable and had to depend on him for everything.  Bringing me ice chips, heating up my rice heating pad, moving the trash can (yes, I said it), getting a wash cloth for my head, etc. etc.

Thanks to my sister-in-law that shared some of her "good stuff" stomach pills from when she was sick when pregnant, I slept from about 12:30 yesterday until 5:30...woke up long enough to eat some chicken noodle soup, took another pill....and knocked out again at 9:30 until 10 am this morning.

Needless to say...this morning when I woke up finally feeling a little better....I felt like I was coming out of a fog.  Thank goodness!

So sitting still has been the way I have spent the last two days.  I am not even one to stay in bed when I'm sick..I at least make my way to the couch.  But I couldn't even sit up on the couch.  I hate staying in bed.  Thankfully I made my way to the couch today and spent my day watching "16 and Pregnant"...haha, yep, you heard me right.

So here is my list of things I did not get done today that I hope to get accomplished tomorrow (on my second snow day of the week...thank you Lord):
-editing and revising 21 feature article drafts
-grading 21 fractions and decimals post-assessments
-cooking a meal with all of the food I have in preparation for this snow storm we're amidst

You know how sometimes you just like to whine and complain while you're sick? Well, I guess I just did that to you my blog friend.  Sorry! :) Thanks for listening and hope the germy germs stay away from you.  (I promise my next blog will be more cheery.)

blessings, Cait

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  1. Sorry you're sick! Maybe this will cheer you up: http://www.thankfullythrifty.com/2010/02/an-award/

  2. So glad you are feeling better:) now let's hope we will get back to work tomorrow!

  3. Glad you're feeling better! It's a pain to be sick. Especially when it falls on an off day or weekend. I always end up sick when I should be enjoying some time off! My last job was a children's counselor & we also had a preschool right outside my office door... I was ALWAYS getting their viruses. Anywho, glad you're feeling better!


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