"watch your mouth!"

Ever heard that line? From mom and dad when you were little maybe? A teacher? Ever said that line to your own kiddos? Oh, I've heard it.  Plenty of times when I was little! I had that quick tongue and my mouth got me in most of the trouble I found myself in.  Thankfully, I learned a few lessons when I was younger and I think I have tamed my tongue from talking back to others. I would like to think I "outgrew" that stage in my life a while ago.  But....God still challenges me.  He still convicts me of just what comes out of my mouth.  I am still challenged sometimes with biting my tongue.  Weird to be like that when you're more of a "shy type", I think.  But maybe it's that I hold so much in...sometimes, when it finally comes out, it comes out brutal.  (Just being honest with you...hope you don't mind.)

Well last night when Justin was reading his bible, he found a neat chart on "Speech" in James.  Here's what it states:

When your speech is motivated by:

It is full of:
  • Bitter envy
  • Selfish ambition
  • Earthly concerns and desires
  • Unspiritual thoughts and ideas
  • Disorder
  • Evil
God and his wisdom....
It is full of:
  • Mercy
  • Love for others
  • Peace
  • Consideration for others
  • Submission
  • Sincerity, impartiality
  • Righteousness
Oh I love this! What an awesome reminder of just how "black and white" God and Satan are.  There is no room for all of the things mentioned in the first list when we are truly seeking God and living as holy people in this world.  After all, James 2:9 states, With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father and with it we curse men, who have been made of God's likeness.  Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.  My brothers, this should not be.

Remember how I mentioned that one of my goals in 2010 is to really dive into the bible as the holy book it is, and study it thoroughly, not just artificially like I so often am guilty of doing? Well, James has been an amazing inspiration to me in my new and revised journey through scripture.  If you are hesitant to open your bible, James is a great heartfelt book of truth that you can't help but be changed by.  It has challenged me with each line....challenged me to change little nooks and crannies of my heart.  Are you up for that challenge? Ready to start "watching your mouth"? Some of the best life changes come from the largest leaps of faith.  Allow words like this to comfort you and move you closer to God:

Consider it pure joy my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
James 1:  2-4

blessings, Cait

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  1. I can relate to blurting things out - I don't usually post my blog on normal comments (other than SITS) but it just relates so well! http://tinyurl.com/yldnb8s

    Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!

  2. I relate for sure! I think gossiping is huge in that.
    And thanks for writing that verse. I needed that reminder, as I'm trying hard not to be discouraged right now in life by what God is allowing me to go through. Think He had your write that for me? :)

  3. Glad I found your blog! Happy Saturday Sharefest!
    I hope you will visit me too! I run a small Montessori Preschool and blog about mant fun activities and crafts...plus much more!


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