the decluttering and organizing bug returns!

Well I recently posted here in January that I caught the "decluttering bug"....well it has hit again! I think part of the reason is that it looks like this out my backdoor....

And I am indoors due to snow day numero dos (that's two snow days in a row for the second time this year). Who's complaining though? Not me!

So in the previous decluttering bug post I opened my Tupperware cabinet doors and let you peek inside.  Today...I am going to let you peek into another insanely cluttered part of my kitchen....underneath the kitchen sink. Gross.

Go ahead gawk at it.....

Nasty, disgusting, completely inconvenient....and even a budget hog due to me having NO idea what all I actually had in there.

Check out what all I pulled out of this cabinet.

All of this....
And this...
And even this....

Haha, can you believe that?! I really should be ashamed! (I promise I had good intentions with the recyclables......they were going to be used for a measurement unit in math....)

So the hubby and I took a trip to good ol' Wal-Mart today and found a nice little cheap contraption to help with my decluttering "project" for just around $6.

Can you hear the organizing angels singing?! :)

I threw gobs of things away, pulled out nasty cleaning rags that could have easily been in there since we cleaned when moving into this little bungalow about a year and half ago, and I also compiled things.

Items like these Cascade dish detergent packs needed to be compiled.

Wahla! (Only one bag to fit back underneath the sink.)

I threw out a whole garbage bag worth of junk and took the potting soil and potting shovel (yes they were under there too) down to the basement:

And then I even found I had two of some items that I had no idea about....and even some great scrubbing pads that the cluttered cabinet ate and I obviously completely forgot about. (One of the main reasons to declutter and organize.  If you don't know what you have....you will buy another one....and of course spend more money from the budget that you didn't even need to.)

So finally after all my hard work (really to those of you who are timid about decluttering and organizing...this only took me about 15 minutes) here is the newly decluttered and organized under-sink cabinet.....

Closer looks:

There is a method to my organizing and decluttering madness, too! Dish detergent directly next to the dishwasher, boxes turned to where I can get the contents out of them without even removing them from the cabinet, bug spray hidden in the back (away from Boonie's snooping nose), and there are even some "spring" items for our backporch (such as a citronella candle and hummingbird feeder mix hidden in the back for when Spring finally decides to come around).

I hope the bug will spread to you! Just think....it may make you clean more often!
haha...Atleast that's my personal goal for this lovely little newly-organized cabinet!

blessings, Cait

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  1. Hey girl - looks like you've had quite a productive two days! :) Gotta love the unexpected blessing of back to back snow days! See you tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have really enjoyed reading some of your posts -- you are so crafty and organized! I'm definitely going to keep learning, and hopefully I'll pick up on your organization skills! :)

  3. Haha! When I viewed the first few images I thought to myself, "My Cleaning Supply cabinets!! Does she have a key to my home?" LOL I love your blog by the way!

    Fellow SITSta,
    South Shore Chick

  4. Nothing warms my heart more than a good ol' organization post. Well, that and a bag of potting soil under the sink! Funny! :)


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