genius, simple way to peel boiled potatoes

I'm not usually a "YouTube" kinda gal.  But when my mom showed me this YouTube video her friend sent her on a genius way to peel boiled potatoes....I was amazed.  Seriously amazed.  If you make mashed potatoes or ever boil potatoes for other recipes, you have to watch this.  If you are like me and are depriving your hubby of homemade mashed potatoes simply because you dread peeling the potatoes, oh...do I have a treat for you! This is only about a minute and a half...and yes, that is Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island in the video. :) Enjoy!

Peeling Boiled Potatoes

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  1. So genius! Love that tip! And omg Mary Ann is so cheesy!! Haha.

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  4. Love this! I make homemade mashed potatos once a week.

  5. Awesome! I have potatoes that I've been putting off making because I hate peeling, but that's a great idea!

  6. Looks easy enough, though truth be told, I always leave the skins on. Supposedly there's fiber in there...

  7. Love it..love it..love it!!! I am SO doing this the next time I make mashed taters!!

  8. Genius! I hate peeling potatoes! Stopping by from SITS :)


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