90 days...success and a new goal

Justin and I gave up french fries for our New Year's Resolution....(except for when we go to one of my favorite restaraunts, Red Robin).  I never keep a New Year's Resolution...ever.  And this girl loves french fries.  More than ice cream.  We decided that if we went into it together, we would have more success. So far, so good.  We have been successful for two entire months...and it feels so good.  It feels so nice to set a goal, be determined, and meet it.  Even if it is just cutting something really unhealthy out of my diet.  Nothing profound.  But still....it's success.

Well, I'm onto a second venture for success.  Reading the bible in 90 days.  (Because 365 days is way too drawn-out for an impatient person such as myself.)  Reading the entire bible has been a goal of mine since high school.  It has been one of those faint thoughts that just kind of hangs over my head.  Ever had one of those? I know that this accomplishment will draw me so much closer to my Creator.   For some reason, today is the day that God has laid this on my heart heavy

I recently downloaded the YouVersion bible app onto my iPhone.  I really did this to have the bible quickly at my fingertips anywhere I go.  It is great for that....but it contains something even more intriguing.  This little app holds nearly 10 different options of bible reading plans.  You can choose to read the bible in a year, read just the New Testament, read just the Old Testament, focus on the Psalms, focus on the gospels...there is a plan for any individual at any place in their Christian walk.  I chose the 90 day plan that focuses on reading the entire bible.  Each day the app tells me what chapters to read and I can check them off as I go.  (This goes straight to a "list-makers" heart.)  Choosing this plan means that I am committing to reading 12 chapters from the bible each day.  Love the challenge!

So a daily dose of the bible is a bit more important and life-changing than a simple "no" to french fries, yes.  However, I am so thankful God has given me this mindset in the first two months of 2010....determination to change things.  You could spend forever trying to alter the little things in your life and ignore the most necessary.  To me, the most necessary is my spiritual journey.  I hope you'll be inspired by the way God can move in our lives....and how He uses the little things to prepare us for the bigger things.

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  1. I love this iPhone app too! I like that I can access the NET Bible on it. I go to Dallas Theological Seminary, and DTS profs translated it. It's written by people I respect, so I love being able to access it and to see all the diff translations at my finger tips!
    So iPhone... do you have Words with Friends? ;)


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