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A couple weekends ago I ventured into a little craft project that I saw in a crafting magazine.  Maybe it was my attempt to satisfy my first inkling of cravings for spring.  Whatever it was...it turned out pretty cute.

You need:  Fake moss grass, a sheet of scrapbooking paper, one foam cube, one fake flower of your choice, and a glue gun.  (Ignore the glue stick....didn't cut it.  Stick with the glue gun--no pun intended.)

Trace the largest part of your cube on the backside of your paper to get four squares.  (These will be larger then the four sides you cover.  That was an oops on my part...but you'll see how I made it work.)

Place some glue on the side and quickly apply a square of your paper.  Hot glue dries fast.

I kept one side of the paper flush with what will be the top of my flower cube.  I folded the other side under so that you can't see the foam at all when this is sitting on a surface.

The bottom should look similar to this once you have applied all sides of the paper.

Turn your cube back over to the side with the exposed foam.  Pull off a small amount of the fake grass.  Apply some hot glue in small sections and press the grass firmly to the surface.  (Don't worry about straggles of grass...we'll take care of this in a minute!)

Once you have covered the foam surface it should look similar to this.  (Can we say "bad hair day"?)

No worries! Give your cute little cube a "grass"cut.  I just snipped the excess off with scissors and it looked much better!

Next, take your flower and cut it to have about six inches of stem left.  For those of you that don't have wire cutters...like me....you can score it with regular scissors and then bend it back and forth to cut it apart. 

Stick the pretty little flower down through the grass on the cutesy little cube...and there you have it.  Your very own flower cube for your spring tastebuds!

Here it is adding a little spring to our nightstand in our guest bedroom. 

So there you have it! A very simple craft to satisfy those spring cravings.  The fun party of this is you can change the flower and/or paper type when you create these to fit any occassion....Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter...Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.  (I think these would look adorable in a cluster of three cubes to decorate a little girls room and I'm already pondering how I can use fake poinsettias with Christmas paper to create cute Christmas decorations next year.)  Do share and let me know if you try this out! I would love to see your creations! Happy crafting!

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blessings, Cait

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  1. That's very pretty and seems to be rather simple.

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

  2. Cute! Crafts, budgeting, teaching. I have a feeling we'll be blogger friends! :) Have a great Wednesday!


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