we love our frugal pup...free dog food for a month

Boonie's (or you all know him as Boone) "Gotcha Day" is coming up this Friday.  (As if I don't talk about him enough...come back then to hear me brag a little more about our sweet beagle/lab mix.)  We adopted him almost a year ago and I can't believe the time has flown by already! Well, my lovely blog friend, Ashleigh at Thankfully Thrifty let me know of a great deal Pedigree has going on right now. (Thanks, Ashleigh!) They are giving away a free month's supply of food if you have adopted your dog within the last year.  (She explained that it is a bag of dry dog food and then a few cans of moist food.)  You can find the link here. You just have to print out the form and fill it out...very easy to do.  You also have to add a copy of a proof of adoption (which I quickly located in Boone's personal file folder in our filing cabinet.)  Then just mail it off! I am anxiously awaiting our coupons in the mail! We include Boone's food and treats into our grocery budget, so this will definitely help out! We love our frugal pup.

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  1. Such a cute puppy!! My hubby doesn't want one, but I do. He thinks he'll get jealous (which is probably true!)

    I just was thinking about you because I knew you said that you wanted to write. I started a thing called single sentence sunday and I'd love to hear yours! Come join!

    Sarah Ann sarahannrogers.com


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